Great news for shoe shoppers and Slyce

Originally announced on Marketwired:
On March 22, 2016, Slyce declared that they are teaming up with Shoe Carnival. This is great news for shoe shoppers because they can take 3D pictures of shoes from magazines, or real life and they can see if the shoes have the similar features at Shoe Carnival. Shoe Carnival is one of leading shoe stores in the United States and their main office is in Evansville, IN. Slyce’s CEO says that this partnership with Shoe Carnival is another vantage point for the company because this brings the visual search to a new level by having one step process without adding more user info.

Slyce is a mobile technology company. They specialize in visual search technology. This means that a person can take 3D pictures of anything from magazines to real life and see if there are similar products at different stores.

Besides of their original visual search technology platform, Slyce also has SnipSnap. SnipSnap is where you can take pictures of coupons. Every person has experienced leaving coupons at home, but with SnipSnap you can take a picture of it and present it at the store. Pounce is another addition to the visual search line. With Pounce, you can take pictures of things and without delay have items you can buy from many different stores. Slyce also has Craves which allows a person to take pictures of clothing and find similar clothes at different stores.

  1. Terry Kally

    This is great for people who do repairs because they won’t have to look for a model number. Slyce was established in 2012. They are based in Canada. The fact is that review could have gotten what most people do know about too.

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