From Independent Living To Hospice Care: The Manse On Marsh

The Manse on Marsh is a community that was created for senior citizens to reside in during the later years of their life. There are several benefits to choosing The Manse. One major one is the full time Resident Nurse that is on staff. The RN coordinates care plans for each resident with the resident, their family and their physicians so that they a prepared for different possible medical issues. The care staff at the facility is available day and night and can always be reached and their call response time for emergency services averages at 1 minute. A great benefit to living at The Manse is that your life is customizable. Every service can be added or taken away and the Assisted Living Planning Approach is used to ensure that each resident gets exactly what they need and desire. A final service that The Manse offers is a transition program where the staff and a special committee help the family and resident ease into this new living situation.

There are certain standard services that each resident can expect to receive during their time at The Manse on Marsh. These include bed making every day, housekeeping on a weekly basis, fresh linens every week, personalized laundry service on a weekly basis, fresh food and hot drinks available all day long, 3 meals served every day by a full wait staff, activities to assist with fitness, wellness, mobility and balance, emergency button to be used any time in the day or night, travel assistance to doctor and back from doctor’s appointments and the transition program. implies there are also some optional services that residents may have added on if needed or wanted. These include pet care assistance, a tray service to the residence, meal escorting and reminders, assistance with bathing and showering, assistance with grooming and dressing, medication coordination and management with the pharmacy, and a customized care plan. There are also other services available, but those are the most common.

Another great aspect to living at The Manse on Marsh exposed on Twitter is the activities that they offer. The community’s goal is to keep their residents minds sharp and in a good mood. They offer every from pumpkin carving and a halloween costume contest to scenic drives to the Nipomo Dunes and a Hawaiian themed night to cards and games and movie nights. One very special program that the community has is its outreach program, Learn From Me, Learn From You.

  1. Terry Jones

    The Manse invites different groups from the community to come and host classes or seminars. These events get the residents to interact with people from different backgrounds and various cultures. I have come to see that is really trying their best in this regard too.

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