Filmmaker, Historian, Writer and Philanthropist: Michael Zomber

Some might say that Americans are obsessed with guns. Perhaps what they should say is we are obsessed with defending ourselves, or being prepared to, should the need arise. To this point, many people are collectors of arms and armor, as is the case with Michael Zomber (, of the History Channel’s Tales of the Gun widely-acclaimed series. This series includes several different shows, like Dueling Pistols and Guns of the Orient. Mr. Zomber is also an internationally-recognized authority on Japanese samurai swords, of which he is a collector of as well.

In addition to collecting samurai swords, and being an authority on guns, he is also a writer. He has written over a dozen screenplays, and he also owns a film company with his wife, Andrea, called Renascent Films LLC. He has also written historical books, and one of the better-known titles is Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War. He and his wife also produced a critically- acclaimed documentary film, Soul of the Samurai. The composite of this individual, replete with historical writings, understanding and filmmaking, would combine and serve to galvanize him to work on behalf of fostering greater peace in the world, recognizing that armed conflict is often futile.

Mr. Zomber is perhaps acutely aware of what many believe to be a lack of usefulness in armed conflicts. To this point, he is very involved in non-governmental organizations that work to establish peace, like UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, and Amnesty International, which are all organizations that work toward creating more healing and peace in this troubled world.

One of his novels, Shogun Iemitsu War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan, is a story that weaves the historical nuance of life during this time with the story of two young samurai. Mr. Zomber ardent interest in Japanese samurai swords, and being a collector of such, naturally led to taking a greater interest in Japanese people. For this reason, he tells this story with an element of artistry that might not be found by someone who has not, by virtue of their innate interest, immersed themselves in the culture, becoming a student of Japanese samurais and creating the level of comfort with the subject matter necessary to adequately write about them and do them justice in the process.

In the end, we are all dotted lines to each other, and those that work to preserve the past, as does Michael Zomber, are storytellers that will be referenced seemingly in perpetuity.

  1. Steve Peter

    Either through academia, or latent interest, we are all, to one extent or another, interested in the story of where we once were, and Mr. Zomber is one of those that helps us to sort it out. The only way for them is to have papers written for you and I know it’s going to be a success.

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