Fancy A Career In Professional Basketball Betting?

Are you an NBA fanatic? Are you obsessed with all the nitty gritty details of NBA? If so why not become a professional better? If not, don’t worry. This article will focus on the fundamentals of NBA betting to help you earn money. We will cover the different types of wagers the NBA offers as well as some skills required to become a professional NBA wagerer with Covers.

Types of NBA Wagers

1. Spread – NBA games are naturally high scoring games, and therefore bookies use spreads or lines to even the chances of both teams winning the bet. Due to the high scoring nature of NBA, it is common to 15+ points spread. It is worth noting that the “+” symbol indicates the underdog while the “-” symbol indicates the favorite.

2. Moneyline (ML) – ML provides different odds based on the outcome of the game. ML odds greatly affect the return on investment. For instance, favorites (-) have to place a huge wager to receive great returns as opposed to underdogs (+)

3. Total – This is where a bettor places a wager on the “under or over” (O/U) on a number determined by the bookmakers on the total score by both teams.

4. Futures – This is the type of bet that predicts which team will win the Championship

5. Parlay/Teaser – This is when a bettor combines bets to increase the payout. For a payout, all predicted bets must cover.

You can find more types of NBA Odds Wagers Here.

Skills required

1. Research skills – Do not rely on the sites that provide predictions. Instead, conduct research and use your judgment.

2. Analytical skills – Based on the various statistics that are readily accessible; you will need to analyze them to predict the outcome of the game accurately.

3. Managing expectations – Be careful not to get carried away when betting. Many people fall prey to this because they think luck will favor them; it doesn’t 95% of the time.

4. Ability to separate logic from emotions – when it comes to sports betting, the best results come from logical reasoning so make informed choices when placing a bet.

About Covers

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