Fabletics’ Creative and Progressive Marketing, Branding and Retailing Strategy

Fabletics is a new and modernized clothing enterprise that sells its items to clients through a subscription membership program. The customer is only required to select their favorite brand and products for Fabletics to deliver the items every day of the set date. According to the Fabletics’ general manager Gregg Throgmartin, knowing the identity and preferences of customers is a smart move towards offering innovative products and services. Fabletics is an independent online store that grew its business rapidly within only three years. The online subscription selling strategy is convenient since selling items on sites like Amazon requires the seller to deduct 20 percent of their earnings to pay for their space on the platform.


Fabletics ensures that it beats its predecessors in the fashion industry by offering more than an affordable price and better quality products and services. It caters to its customers by ensuring it provides its clients with dependable customer service, an exclusive brand name, unique designs and accessories, and last mile services. The business model often has a likening to key figures such as Warby Parker and Apple for its branding and marketing. In 2016, Fabletics launched more stores in addition to the preexisting stores in Illinois, Hawaii, Florida and California.


Historically, Fabletics predecessors have always marketed and sold their items by showrooming. A majority of customers walk into stores to analyze their clothing of preference and choose to acquire the products at lower prices from alternative sellers. Fabletics retains its walk-in customers by building trustworthy relationships. When a customer tries on an item and adds it to their physical cart, it is reflected in their online cart as well. Currently, Fabletics attracts 25 percent of the customers who visit their physical stores to become online subscribers. The total percentage of existing online clients who walk into their stores is approximately 30 to 35.


Fabletics ensures that its represents the actual product in stores exactly as it is in their online stores. A majority of customers often express the disappointment they experience when they purchase an item through a store’s website that does not resemble the photo of the product’s profile. Another key factor that the firm observes is the ever changing trend and tastes of society and the fashion industry. The brand regularly restocks items based on the records of membership preferences, inputs through social media, physical sale commentaries from customers, and heat mapping information. Dustin Netral, the senior vice president of Fabletics, stated that they manage to consistently offer customers with their favorite brands and styles through information collected from emerging ranges and regular tests.


Fabletics is an online shopping platform that sells sportswear and accessories for the female gender, FL2 for the male sex and additional items such as dresses and swimsuits. The fashion brand is a child company of JustFab, which is presently known as Techstyle Fashion Group since its rebranding in August 2016.The company is in ownership of Adam Goldenberg, Kate Hudson, and Don Ressler and gained fame through modernized marketing strategies and creativity. By mid-2016, Fabletics opened new stores in locations such as the Mall of America, Summerlin Shopping Center, Southpark Mall and Cherry Creek Shopping Center.

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