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Eric Pulier has a history of both creation and assistance. Beginning in the fourth grade, he picked up computer programming. He quickly turned this hobby into habit by picking up a job at a computer database project throughout high school.

After high school, he went on to attend Harvard while taking additional classes at MIT on the side. After graduating magna cum luade with an English and American Literature degree, he moved out to Los Angeles to begin his passion of helping individuals.

He founded and assisted in several different projects with the intent of helping individuals around the country who were struggling the most. His first endeavor, which he started in 1991, was aimed at identifying and helping some of the nations biggest problems such as health care and education with the use of technology. Next, he created a platform for children with chronic illnesses to communicate with each other. The intention of this was to help them through the struggles that each of them faced. By allowing children around the country share their experiences with others through a chat system and blog posts, Pulier aimed to ease the burden that these children held.

After a life time of giving back to the community, Eric Pulier has some wise words of advice for future philanthropists who seek to better the world through technology and entrepreneurial efforts.

First of all, he recommends understanding the workload which you are taking on. You can attack many different problems in the country, but if you are too overburdened to handle any of them, you aren’t doing anyone any good.

This, however, is not to discourage individuals from following on the things they are passionate about, especially if they are philanthropic in nature. He does not think that you should limit yourself, only set realistic expectations for what you can achieve in a given amount of time.

Overall, Pulier believes that individuals should follow their dreams and thinks that if you do so, good will most likely come of it. Eventually, you can be successful and help troubled individuals like he has done.

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