Eric Lefkofsky’s TEMPUS Uses Data to Battle Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is known as many things. To the majority of people, he is the man who co-founded Groupon and changed the way consumers have access to discounted goods, services and experiences through the sleek app. In Chicago tech circles, he is known as one of the top influencers, always on the move with a new idea and a new way to innovate. To those who have worked with him, he is known as a highly intelligent, solution-oriented man who never shies away from a problem and learn more about Eric.

When his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, he didn’t shy away from doing the research and asking the tough questions – ‘why isn’t this cureable?’ Upon digging into the process deeper, he noticed that data was being collected on every patient at every point. However, he also noticed that the data being collected was not being utilized in a streamlined manner that could advance the cancer research process. Much of the data was simply contained in physicians notes, which were stored, but not used in a meaningful way.

So Eric took it upon himself to co-found Tempus, a company with a daring goal: change the way we treat cancer by using a data-driven treatment model. After Tempus created a platform that could effectively read, catalog and analyze physician’s notes similar to how a human would, Tempus focused on pushing to harvest molecular data.

By collecting molecular data, researchers are able to uncover “clues” about individuals that can help fight cancer and other diseases. Molecular data paired with harvested and streamlined physician data will for the first time create a bank of data that physicians can access in an effective way to treat their cancer patients and more information click here.

That is the goal of Tempus: using data from patients and physicians paired with molecular data gained from Human Genome Sequencing to data a data-driven approach to fighting, and beating, cancer. Additionally, Tempus wants to build the world’s largest library of clinical and molecular data in a system that is easily accessible to physicians and researchers everywhere.

Eric currently serves as the President of Tempus, although his day to day role is not exactly specified and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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