Equities First Holdings: The Best Provider Of Alternative Capital

The finance sector is one that has been greatly affected by changes in technology over time. As such, its products keep evolving and clients need to keep up with the trends to make the most of it. Acquisition of funds is one of the most hectic parts of any business. Native money providers such as banks, micro-finances and other financial institutions have too many requirements and delay which may slow down business operations. However, individuals and business can now rest easy with the Equities First Holdings. This is a global company that offers alternative financial solutions to its clients and more information click here.

At Equities First Holdings, loans are based on stocks, bonds or treasuries held. When one approaches them, they evaluate the risk and future performance of the stocks. If they deem the stocks as viable collateral, the client transfers the shares to Equities First and gets the money immediately. That’s the only procedure involved which makes loan acquisition very efficient and fast. There is no other place you can get capital that easily. It gets better, should the stocks appreciate during the loan period, you retains 100% of the stock market value once it matures. That ensures your security as a borrower.

The loans are usually at a fixed interest of 3% and 4% with loan-to-value ratios of up to 75%. They are also non-purpose. This means that Equities First will not ask you “what will do with our money?” The money given is all yours and you can use it for absolutely anything you need may it be business, off-setting other debts or even that holiday you’ve always wanted to take. This is one of the reasons why clients prefer Equities First Holdings, given that most of the other financial institutions require that you disclose purpose of the loan and what Equities First Holdings knows.

Founded in 2002, Equities Holding has been serving businesses and high net-worth individuals enabling them to finance their business and individual ventures. This is made possible by their great committed team. Al Christy Jr. is the President and chairman of Equities First Holdings and has extensive experience and expertise in finance. He is based at the UK office. The headquarters of Equities First are in Indianapolis, Indiana and its Linkedin.

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