Eli Gershkovitch, CEO, Steamworks Group of Companies

Eli Gershkovitch is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Steamwork Group of Companies. Eli Gershkovitch is also a brewery veteran who runs the multi-million company. His advice and decisions have shaped the business index of the company towards achieving a greater need to sustain market analysis. For the past few years, he has amassed a great amount of profit for the company due to his skills in attracting Millennials to take over drinking as a whole. This is a trend he noted from the immense drinking culture portrayed by the Millennials ( Eli Gershkovitch is also considered as the best CEO in the brewery industry.


Eli Gershkovitch has always believed in the motto that states that you must grow to meet demand. If you don’t grow, you will shrink to meet the demand. While the summer sun is about to take over the new generation of drinkers, it is high time the industry revolutionized their ways of thinking, research conducted with the Millennials suggest that they prefer drinking the less-prominent brands going by the name craft breweries as opposed to the older generation who love older brands. We have also seen the craft breweries increase in number to take residence in almost every residential neighborhood. While this means the industry is growing, it is high time the older-generation breweries take action on the trend.


Since Steamworks Brewery was opened in 1995, when these operations were not the same, Eli Gershkovitch built a floor for the company to take over the millennial industry. Perhaps this was the best thing he ever did for the company to ensure it sustained a longer lifetime. Eli Gershkovitch also set up a liquor shop at the Waterfront Station before developing the Wetbar and the Rogue Kitchen.


Eli Gershkovitch is also a professional lawyer ( Let us not think that his law degree has not been put to good use while he manages the company. His former practice included legal representation for liquor licenses. This means he is in a good position to understand the laws and regulations in this industry. He still practices law as a business owner.


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