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The Queen of Unicorns, Doe Deere, shared her love for makeup and why she started her brand, Lime Crime. During the Guest of a Guest-interview, Doe expressed her heart about the business activity as a young teenager. Thus, she went on about her discovery in influencing and convincing her classmates to wear tattoos.

However, we learned how Doe followed her business insight from wearing and selling her sticker tattoos. Also, as she dressed in dazzling clothes, she failed in finding a match for her makeup. It was from there; she started her own company — Lime Crime, during 2008. So, this finding as a first would be for a cool pigmented makeup.

Now, Doe Deere’s success story is winning over people from every walk of life in having a positive attitude to use the same possibility in realizing their visions. However, continue reading to know more about the Lime Crime originator and how she succeeded in the beauty commercial enterprise!

Also, you can see many of Deere’s current products on her eBay account where it all began. Of course, she uses her knowledge from the Fashion Institution of Technology in New York — added to her other career experience in achieving this success. Today, Doe’s company creates eye shadow, hair dyes, lipsticks and nail polish in the makeup business.

Actually, Lime Crime is a cosmetic brand sold on the Internet since 2008 and its developer, Doe is a supporter of bright colors. She feels every woman should show her favored color brilliantly — this is why the product name was selected.

Doe Deere’s makeup users, called unicorns and businesswomen are encouraged by the motivational speaker to follow her business tips:

Doe would be the first one to tell you how she listens to those who might disagree with her. Added, she takes heed to her customers and employees. She is confident about learning from others by being open-minded.

Nowadays, at Lime Crime, most of the workers put on the Unicorn Hair which is an innovative order of semipermanent hair dyes. Doe Deere believes alternative hair color should be widely admitted in schools and in the work area. Even so, her mission is to prove cosmetics mask disadvantages.

She feels by women flaunting pink, blue or purple hair is self-expression and freedom. Yes, she began her business small but did it with success at her own pace. With a strong interest, Doe supports women businesses and entrepreneurship. Learn more:

The Queen of Unicorns speaks her Internet enlightenment by urging her followers to always be you if not a unicorn.

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