CP+B’s Chuck Porter Praises Lori Senecal for a Job Well-Done as she Prepares to Leave

Lori Senecal, the global CEO of CP+B, has been instrumental in advancing the agency’s global interests. She joined the agency in 2015 to oversee the global growth and expansion of CP+B as well as to manage the agency’s ten international offices. Many, including the agency’s co-founder and chairman Chuck Porter, would agree that her work has been superb. During her tenure, the agency won some notable clients such as American Airlines and Hershey’s. A year after she joined CP+B, the agency’s revenues rose by 21%. However, Lori will no longer be part of CP+B as she plans to retire towards the end of 2017. She also intends to quit the ad business. As Lori Senecal prepares to retire, Porter and Lori are looking for a potential candidate who will fill her position. The duo is also involved in developing the next generation of leaders who will take over the management of CP+B.

CP+B recently promoted Danielle Aldrich. According to Ad Week, Aldrich has been working with the agency for the last 14 years. Before her promotion, she worked at the agency’s headquarter offices in Boulder. Aldrich is now the president of CP+B West; she will be managing CP+B Los Angeles and CP+B Boulder. Lori stated that the agency’s global offices are under entrepreneurs who are keen on expanding CP+B’s global presence. Lori recognizes Aldrich as one of those entrepreneurial leaders who will make CP+B proud. Aldrich’s promotion came in the wake of the agency’s winning American Airlines, and she is partly credited for that.

Bloomberg reveals, Lori had worked in different organizations in different capacities. Before becoming CP+B’s global CEO, Lori was the global Chairman and CEO of KBS. Her performance at KBS must have caught Porter’s attention who decided to make her part of CP+B. Lori made KBS an international company and increased the number of its staff members tremendously. Porter says that he brought Lori in because of her “management genius” and organizational strengths. He praises her for being an excellent partner and a friend to him. He adds that since she joined the agency, clients have been trickling in and no clients have left the agency.


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