Complaint Filed Toward Rick Scott by End Citizens United

End Citizens United filed a complaint against Rick Scott to the Federal Election Commissions. The complaint alleges Scott using a “super PAC” for his Senate campaign and his actions are to get around the federal limits that have been place on contributions to candidates’ campaigns. Scott is accused of violating the anti-coordination law with the New Republican PAC by the End Citizens United. The PAC has pledged to help Scott for the election as U.S Senate, as Scott was the chairman of the group the announcement of the running. See more of End Citizens United on facebook

Adam Bozzi, Communications Director for End Citizens United, believes Scotts interests are more for his political gain than he is for the law.

The campaign for Scott has denied all of these accusations, but End Citizens United countered the denial by presenting documentation. The reason for the establishment was to get Big Money out of our political system and it is to support candidates for office who agree and address this topic.

Currently, Rick Scott has proven who does not believe in campaign finance reform, that is why there is a need to defeat him in the ballot box.

Scott continues to deny any illegal activity, that is why collecting evidence in crucial. Recently the PAC has shown that both New Republican and Rick Scott are working with the fundraiser Jenny Rucker, while in the process of raising money for the New Republican in February.

The complaint was now forced to be made by the End Citizens United toward Scott that the Committee is being taken advantage of and paying the bills toward the Senate bid. Solutions to campaign finance difficulties are simply by either passing a law that would keep candidate hiding their identities or who are interested in enforcing the laws.

Bozzi does believe these are great steps, but in order to do this greater steps will have to be taken by court. It is expected to take a long time but unlimited campaign is not part of free speech. Read more:  


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