Clayton Hutsons Comprehension on Various Sound Engineering Consoles

Clayton Hutson is a highly successful tour and event manager with a number of entertainment service offerings from him. He is also a production manager and a live sound engineer with services including show producing, production management, monitor engineering, stage management, production design, logistics management, and rigging. As an event manager, Hutson is known for providing budget-friendly programs with delights and surprises. He was actively involved in music from his childhood and put hard work to make a break in the music career in the later years. By collaborating with high-profile bands like Garbage, Guns N’ Roses, Pink, and Kelly Clarkson, Hutson created his own identity in engineering, design, and production of the music industry.



Hutson has excellent knowledge of music event systems and communicated his preferences and thoughts about most of them. For example, he is highly convinced by the effectiveness of Kinesys LibraCells. Hutson says that the system is brilliant and makes his job easier while using it. The system that gives real-time load information produces precise and repeatable movements which allow him to perfectly balance the artists to speak as many cues as wanted and provides perfect results, Hutson adds. As a great fan of LibraCells, Hutson says that it comes with a load monitoring application that can even be worked on handheld digital devices.



He is also known for using the VER systems to ensure ultimate entertainment experience to his audience. Hutson also collaborated with a number of popular artists as a live sound engineer. When NeoSoul stylist Maxwell collaborated with Jill Scott in a co-bill tour, Hutson, along with Jim Roach, helped Scott in her needs. About that event, Hutson confirmed that his selection of SD7, the premier sound engineering console, helped him and the team to execute what they wanted. Interestingly, he could not resist his happiness and enthusiasm on creating a perfect sound environment on the stage using the console.



Hutson was also one of the first expert appraisers of the SD11 console from DiGiCo in 2011. Interestingly, he was using the console for the first time in the tour of Aaron Lewis. As a long-term fan of different consoles of DiGiCo, Hutson was the right person to give a verdict about it, especially considering his expert background in sound engineering. While coming to the tour, he wanted a compact mixing, and he found the 19” SD11 perfectly matching his needs while considering the price as well as size. Within 15 minutes he received the console, Hutson could tune it to his sound requirements and found it highly adaptable to various types of venues. Learn more:



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