ClassDojo stimulating Innovative Ideas within the Learning Environment

ClassDojo launched Student Stories, a new program created to provide more resources’ to help in teaching growth mindset. It allows students to share photos and short videos of their school work with their family members. Subsequently, parents are able to follow up on their children’s progress in school with much ease.

Besides, it is an easy way for teachers to encourage students and share their best moments with parents. Through Student Stories, students can share short videos conducting science experiments, reciting poems, or solving complex math tasks.

In addition, teachers can add other relevant content to the students’ videos and photos. The program requires the teachers to approve all students’ posts. This allows them to monitor and standardize the kind of material shared. It also gives the teacher a chance to add more pertinent information before it is shared with parents.

Presently, ClassDojo is used in 2 of 3 schools in the United States. It is also used by teachers in 180 other countries.

How ClassDojo Improves the Quality of Learning
The idea of ClassDojo was arrived at after conducting class observational studies and complementing it with discussions held between the program’s developers, teachers and parent.

ClassDojo’s mission is to enable communities across the world to improve the learning process from the ground up. ClassDojo modifies classrooms and schools into a community closely connected by a common belief of improving the delivery of education.

The company is the fastest growing education technology company. Its development team is made up of professionals with a broad background in education, engineering, and design. The team created the application for every classroom.

A single iPad in a classroom can be used to share Student Stories. Logging in is also simple to facilitate its use by Kids. Students will just scan a class QR code, add the material they are interested in along their friends’ comments, and then share it.

ClassDojo started as a teachers program aimed at complementing students when they demonstrated a new skill. Since then, the tool has undergone various system upgrades to become a communication platform that empowers and connects learners with their parents and teachers.

ClassDojo has raised $21 million to fund technological ideas that seek to connect educators to students’ parents and help them communicate on student activities. The program will enable student-centered classroom where students take pride in their learning process.

ClassDojo can be accessed using iOS, Android or a Windows. Its products are built conscious of the need for privacy and security of the user. It also provides a variety of free services to teachers.


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