Classdojo- An Ed-tech Startup Gets Recognition for Taking Education to another Level

Classdojo overcame stiff competition from other innovative design leaders in the market to emerge victoriously. Fast company honored the company for its innovative products in the field of education. Classdojo is an example of commitment to innovation for positive reasons. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don co-founded ClassDojo on June 1, 2011, with the goal of creating an amazing culture and community among the teachers, parents, and students. Teachers from the kindergarten level through to the 8th-grade class use it. It is used in half of all private and public schools in the United States and 180 other countries.

The data is private and well protected, and the founders assure the users that at no time will the data be used to make revenue. However, they are working on creating premium features for parents to subscriptions. Classdojo has a long-term goal of including features that would help parents buy contents that they can use with the kids at home for example; buy books, videos, discussion guides and lessons as well as paying schools through their phones.

The students create personalized digital portfolios where they add photos, videos the parents to their stories and share them with parents. ClassDojo aims at creating a real education culture between teachers and the students through empowerment and impacting values and skills to the students. It also gives the student the ground to share what they are learning thus ensuring their voice is significant in the classroom communities.

The parents also get involved in the activities that the school engages in on a daily basis. There is also a private messaging feature on the app that enables a parent-teacher interaction without necessarily exchanging phone numbers. The app also offers translations in 40 different languages.

ClassDojo and Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) Center are teaming up in the production of five animated videos on growth mindset that will feature ClassDojo’s characters. The project happens as a result of research that showed the ability of growth mindset to change the student’s perceptions of themselves as learners once they discover that their skills can be developed. Therefore, most teachers are therefore compelled to include the growth mindset in their classroom though they are struggling with having it incorporated into their daily teaching practice.

Class Dojo facilitates the learning in this area with this message through their videos
ClassDojo receives over 500,000 downloads every day with millions of users worldwide and it is available on Apple Store and Google Play. A cutesy “monster” avatar is used to identify the students, and they gain points for good behavior as well as loose points for misbehavior. The startup has contributed to a ground up the change in education over the past five years.

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