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Sinks His Teeth In

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Adam Milstein is a remarkable and talented editor and writer of fairly controversial topics. The site that hosts the majority of his work, JNS, is a pro-Jewish website that features many publications by Jewish authors, Adama Milstein being one of them. While some of the articles may sound one sided Adam Milstein does an incredible…

Who is Puerto Rico Politico Francisco Domenech?

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Franciso Domenech is an American lawyer and political actor based in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. He is a managing partner at Politank, a government affairs lobbying firm. Mr. Domenech is a Puerto Rico native born in San Juan April 29,1978. His family later moved to Ocala, Florida for part of his childhood and…

How Ara Chackerian Is Shaking Up The Healthcare Industry

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Ara Chackerian is a San Francisco entrepreneur and angel investor. Among the companies he has founded over the past 17 years are BMC Diagnostics, TMS Health Partners, and PipelineRx. He invests in healthcare companies through his private investment company, ASC Capital Holdings, LLC at which he is a general partner. At ASC Holding,¬†Ara Chackerian¬†focuses his…

The Life of George Soros

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There are many people in life who are trying to make an impact on the world. Starting from a young age, George Soros has always been the type of person to invest in others. He started from nothing, and he has built an empire to be one of the richest people in the world. There…

Andy Wirth Supports Programs of Navy Seal Foundation through the Special Warfare Warrior Team

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When not busy in office striking out great deals and overseeing daily operations at Squaw Valley Corporation, Andy Wirth used to skydiving. On October 2013, two friends accompanied Wirth, and they went out to skydive, which was like a ritual to them. However, the weather that day was a bit harsh. While Wirth was effecting…

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