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Jeremy Goldstein Tips on Knockout Options over Stock options

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Jeremy Goldstein is a legal adviser and current partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. Following the recent trend in corporations refusing to give stock options, Jeremy Goldstein has achieved a better system than stock options with disadvantages as listed below.   The stock option has a considerably higher cost as compared to the…

Karl Heideck Delivers The Point In Litigation Matters

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There are many areas in the field of law that provide legal professionals with the opportunity to display their legal abilities. However, one of the most popular and often use is litigation. In the field of law, litigation provides attorneys with the chance to defend or promote the particulars of a legal case. Litigation has…

The Continued and Amazing Success of Geoffrey Coney

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International tax law is something that is seen many times in exotic Hollywood movies. Offshore bank accounts of evil geniuses is a perfect set up for a high action spy movie. However, in the world of international business, tax law is something that is much more real and less glamorous. There are real cases of…

SEC Whistleblower

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Introduction   Whistleblowers is a program intended to provide awards to people who assist in providing information to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding possible security laws violations. The program is claimed to be a very powerful weapon in regulating financial sector since it uses knowledge of the circumstances and individuals through whistleblowers to identify…

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