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Guilherme Paulus, Leading Brazilian Travel And Tourism

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Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian businessman who has made his living in Brazilian travel and tourism. He founded and heads the company of CVC. This company acts as a travel agency and specializes in offering travel packages to tourists. The company has a major online presence as one of its numerous marketing outlets. GJP group…

Adam Goldenberg One of the Best Young CEOs in LA

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Adam Goldenberg has built a long track record of success on during his time as a CEO in the Los Angeles business community. He has a track record of about 20 years of building and maintaining great business in the area. He has continued this trend with his latest business success, JustFab. Goldenberg founded…

Michael Zomber Ancient Arms And Armor Expert

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  Michael Zomber is an author, filmmaker, philanthropist and collector. He’s a specialist in ancient arms and armor. He has been collecting them for over 40 years. One of the areas in which he is most knowledgeable is antique Japanese samurai swords. Zomber is an internationally recognized authority when it comes to samurai swords. He…

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