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Bringing European Luxury Bistro Dining To San Diego

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The San Diego area quickly become one of the most cosmopolitan in America, and they have quite a few small towns outside the city that host their own brand of cuisine. Escondidio is one of the most-popular food destinations in the southwestern United States, and a new restaurant named Bellamy has moved into town. This…

Shaygan Kheradpir: An Innovative Leader In Business & Technology

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Shaygan Kheradpir, a Cornell graduate with a masters, bachelors, and Ph.D. in electrical engineering has more than an impressive transcript under his belt. Starting his career at GTE (General Telephone & Electric) Kheradpir has more than made a name for himself. After working for GTE, Kheradpir was appointed Verizon’s EVP & Chief Information Officer and…

The True Worth of JustFab

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Are you looking for cool shoes, in style outfits or an awesome hand bag? If so Justfab is the best place to shop. Justfab is an online shopping web page that offers an array of choices for the customer. The site offers a vast choice of many different styles in everything they offer. Shoes! something…

The Success of Charles Koch

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Charles Koch is among one of the wealthiest and most influential individuals in the world. His success with Koch Industries has enabled him to become readily involved in both the world of business, but also in the world of politics. Charles and David Koch’s business is an oil refining business that creates and develops much…

Video Marketing Giant Talk Fusion Opens up Free Trial Program

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We are living in the gilded age of information and every day our world takes an even tighter turn toward absolute information saturation. The internet has changed the way that companies do business and it has created entire new industries surrounding them. Gaining the attention of prospective customers on the internet is no longer easy…

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