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How George Soros Stays Active In Politics

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George Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management LLC based in New York City. Over the years he has accumulated a wealth of about $25 billion through effectively managing his hedge fund. One of his most notable achievements was in 1992 when he shorted the British pound. He made so much money doing this…

The successful career development of Tony Petrello

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Recap of the article Nabors limited is set to buy Tesco before the close of the last quarter of 2017. In this deal, the companies that deal in different but related services are set to agree on their transaction terms. After the purchase, a share of Tesco will go for $4.62. For the customers who…

The Power To Effect Nations

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George Soros: The Power Of One Interview Or Headline It takes a great deal to move the world, whether by sentiment or force. Yet, when George Soros presents a new idea to our society, many things can happen. One of which is the movement of society and well into the ideals we all hold for…

George Soros’ Fight for an Open Society

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George Soros is a wealthy philanthropist and the founder of The Open Society Fund, which supports organizations promoting justice and equality and fighting for freedom. Soros emigrated to the United States after surviving a Nazi occupation of his home country of Hungary and living under a communist regime. His philanthropic actions have allowed him to…

The Advertising Work Of Lori Senecal

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There are two common types of people that work in their careers. One of them is the one who is more about reaching out and talking to people. Then there are those who spend more time on being efficient. Each one of them have their advantages and disadvantages. The more talkative types of people are…

The Life of George Soros

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There are many people in life who are trying to make an impact on the world. Starting from a young age, George Soros has always been the type of person to invest in others. He started from nothing, and he has built an empire to be one of the richest people in the world. There…

Former Banker Supports Young Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

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Despite 20 years of experience as a private Swiss banker, including as an Executive Board Member, Mike Bauer decided his passion lay with helping young entrepreneurs launch digital start-up companies. Therefore, he founded Swiss Start Up Factory AG in 2014 as an incubator to support innovation in Switzerland.   He told Founder Stories that private…

How Keith Mann ensures the Success of Young Business Leaders.

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The Chief Executive Officer and owner of the Dynamic Search Partners, Mr. Keith Mann, informed the public of his plans to start the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievements. This new scholarship is dedicated to helping young innovative business frontrunners in attending college. Keith Mann and Keely Mann formed a partnership with the…

Davos Real Estate Group Launches Its New Mobile Application

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Davos Real Estate Group recently announced the launch of its new mobile application known as the Davos CAP Calculator. The launch comes amidst the company’s new strategies to enhance consumer experience and increase its sales margins in Miami’s competitive real estate industry. According to the group’s founder David Osio, the mobile application will enable customers…

A Man of Serious Business

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David Osio is the Executive Director and Founder of Davos Financial Group. Previous to this position he was a Director of a lawyer’s firm in Caracas, Venezuela. He was apparently very successful and of much prestige and high ambitions…..yet he always needed to move up and excel within the world. On June of this year,…

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