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Sam Adrangi reports on GreenSky

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The story of the CEO of GreenSky is both inspiring and impressive. Today, David Zalik, the CEO of GreenSky, is a billionaire. Sam Adrangi reports that Zalik is currently the CEO of the third most valuable financial technology company in the entire United States. However, GreenSky’s rise to this position has been surprisingly sudden. The…

Classdojo- An Ed-tech Startup Gets Recognition for Taking Education to another Level

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Classdojo overcame stiff competition from other innovative design leaders in the market to emerge victoriously. Fast company honored the company for its innovative products in the field of education. Classdojo is an example of commitment to innovation for positive reasons. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don co-founded ClassDojo on June 1, 2011, with the goal of…

Talk Fusion: Be the Best You

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In our time on this planet, we only get one life. We aren’t like cats, where we get nine. Because of this, it is important to use each and every day as if it is our last. We must make the most of it, enjoy it, smile, love, laugh, and get every ounce of joy…

ClassDojo stimulating Innovative Ideas within the Learning Environment

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ClassDojo launched Student Stories, a new program created to provide more resources’ to help in teaching growth mindset. It allows students to share photos and short videos of their school work with their family members. Subsequently, parents are able to follow up on their children’s progress in school with much ease. Besides, it is an…

New Technology for the Classroom

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A century ago, when the majority of childhood education took place in a one-room schoolhouse, a stick of chalk and a board covered with black paint were the tools most commonly utilized by teachers. Since then technology has advanced with dizzying speed, utilizing ball point pens, computers, and now cellular telephones and tablet devices. ClassDojo…

Skout Officials Reveal Friendliest College Towns

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As summer starts, busy parents everywhere start to think about their child’s upcoming college. Many parents have multiple goals for their children. One of the most important is making sure that their child has the social skills to do well in the world today and make friends. This is particularly true even as kids get…

Skout is Helping People Get Together

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Never have I seen people gravitate towards an app the way that I have seen people gravitate towards Skout. This is one of the most important apps out there for the dating public. I am among the single people that are looking for a dating app that offers more, and Skout is the best in…

Skout Helps Feed The Hungry

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PR Newswire Press Release About Skout PR Newswire is a well known site that is a UBM plc company. They published an interesting article about Skout on March 11, 2016 out of San Fransisco. The article will be summarized in this post in order to help others understand what Skout is about and how they…

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