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Sinks His Teeth In

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Adam Milstein is a remarkable and talented editor and writer of fairly controversial topics. The site that hosts the majority of his work, JNS, is a pro-Jewish website that features many publications by Jewish authors, Adama Milstein being one of them. While some of the articles may sound one sided Adam Milstein does an incredible…

Championing the Rights of Others; Thor Havlorssen

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There is a statement that says that when you keep quiet as the other minorities and people who are disadvantaged are being oppressed, soon the oppressor will come for you, and you will have no one to speak on your behalf. Well, Thor Havlorssen is not the man to keep quiet and watch as things…

Thor Halvorssen Stands Up To Tyrants

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Tyrants are rather scary to live under. People who live under the rule of tyrants are often faced with a seemingly hopeless situation. These types of rules seem to be able to get away with everything, and the only way to get them to stop is to stand up to them. Unfortunately, the people who…

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