Bruno Fagali is the Lawyer to Watch in the Brazilian Law Sector

Bruno Fagali is a licensed lawyer based in Sao Paulo. He joined the PUC and earned his law degree. Mr. Fagali also holds an advanced degree in law from the renowned University of Sao Paulo’s School of Law. He is a trained professional in the specialty of administrative law. He offers representation in the areas of electoral law, administrative improbability actions, anti-corruption, administrative contracts, and civil liabilities.

Bruno Fagali ‘s Career

Bruno Fagali commenced his law career as an intern at Sao Paulo-based Office Model Law Firm in January 2006. In his one-year tenure at Office Model, Mr. Fagali acquired skills in civil procedural law, which entailed family law, civil law, consumer law, as well as domestic violence matters. In January 2007, he joined Manesco and Associates Law Firm still as an intern. In his one-year internship, he acquired skills in public advisory law, with a special focus on administrative contracts, bindings, and regulatory law. In January 2008, Bruno Fagali secured an internship position at the prominent ToJal & Associate Firm. He practiced as an intern in this law firm for two years and added expertise in regulatory and administrative law in his portfolio.

Armed with a law degree and four years of serving as an intern in leading law firms in Brazil, Bruno Fagali joined Radi, Cali, & Associados as a lawyer. His responsibility was to handle all public law and litigation cases, particularly public civil action, expropriation action, administrative contracts, and administrative appeal. In June 2015, Mr. Fagali won a scholarship from the University of Sao Paulo under the Program of Improvement Teaching. His duties were to prepare, make follow-ups, and manage classes and conferences of graduation classes.

In December 2015, a Sao Paulo-advertising agency hired Bruno Fagali as the corporate integrity manager. He specializes in designing, implementing, and managing the Compliance Program of the agency. He decided to become independent in 2016 and established a company known as Fagali Law Firm. His company offers guidance and legal representation in areas such as public law, anti-corruption & election, and compliance.



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