Bringing European Luxury Bistro Dining To San Diego

The San Diego area quickly become one of the most cosmopolitan in America, and they have quite a few small towns outside the city that host their own brand of cuisine. Escondidio is one of the most-popular food destinations in the southwestern United States, and a new restaurant named Bellamy has moved into town. This article explains how Brian Bonar brought European luxury bistro dining to California.

#1: What Is Bellamy?

Bellamy is Brian’s own creation. He placed the restaurant in downtown Escondido among other restaurants that have similar names and aesthetics. The Escondido downtown area alone offers quite a bit of shopping and dining, and visitors from across San Diego come into town when they are in need of a fine meal. There is a gorgeous bar at Bellamy, and the European menu was chosen by Brian and his most-favored chef.

#2: What Makes Brian Unique?

Brian Bonar is a Scottish immigrant who moved to San Diego for the lovely weather, beaches and sunny summers. He came to the area knowing that he wished to open a new restaurant, but he did not wish to open a typical establishment.

He chose to open Bellamy with an eye on replacing one of the open spots in downtown Escondido, but he has even bigger dreams on the horizon.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:

#3: Brian Wants To Open A Dining Empire

Brian Bonar has chosen several different avenues for sharing his fine dining, and one of the most popular will be his new ranch property.

He wants to host events, offer fine cuisine and build a dream kitchen that he could use himself. The empire starts at Bellamy, but it continues into the San Diego countryside.

Brian Brian is bringing a European flair to San Diego that denizens love. His choice of cuisine and location prove his prowess as a foodie and an entrepreneur.

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