Brian Torchin is a Staffing Wizard

Brian Torchin is a veteran of the healthcare industry. Although he is now a top healthcare recruiter worldwide, his humble beginnings started with his own chiropractic practice. Although the chiropractic profession as a whole has its haters, Brian Torchin is a luminary, drawing many supporters and believers in his talents.

While attending the University of Delaware, Brian became interested in medicine and healing. He loved the concept of sports medicine, and nourished that passion to serve. He went on to earn a Bachelor’s of Exercise Science. The next logical step was to earn his chiropractic degree.

Operating out of Philadelphia, Brian Bonar worked many years as a chiropractor, with a focus on sports medicine. Focused on quality management, for his chiropractic office, Brian became aware that staffing in the healthcare industry has great challenges. Doctors, hospitals, and other agency facilities needed to focus on caring for the patient, not on finding time to devote to hiring good help.

Brian’s experience brought about the creation of HCRC Staffing, a company that is working to bridge the gap between agency and professionals. They bring employers and employees together. Brian’s knowledge of the healthcare arena guides him and his staff as they customize solutions to the need of the employers.

Job seekers receive the same attention as HCRC staff provide individualized results in their nationwide search services. Based on trust, respect and consistently excellent results, his agency has grown from its quiet beginnings in Philadelphia, Delaware and Florida, to prevailing in a global field.

Brian’s commitment to the company is the same as that of his practice. He always gives his best.

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