Billy McFarland: His Inventiveness is a By-Productof a Strong Educational Background and a Ripe Talented Mind

The CEO of Spling and of the company Magnises is Billy McFarland: a twenty-something, technical genius, as described by well-known media sources.

McFarland was born in New York. He spent his growing up years in Short Hills, New Jersey. Short Hills is a community which is unincorporated. It is located inside of Millburn Township, within Essex County, New Jersey.

Short Hills is considered a well-known commuter town—for persons employed in New York City. It is a very affluent community. Time Magazine, in 2014, named Short Hills, New Jersey as the “Richest Town in America”.

McFarland attained a private school education in Short Hills prior to his matriculating to Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. While he was at Bucknell, McFarland studied Computer Engineering.

He created his first company when he was thirteen-years of age: The company objective was to match clientele with that of designers. It was obvious, from the earliest beginnings, that McFarland was destined to use his unique entrepreneurial talent.

Spling is an online advertising platform which improves a URL, from the standpoint of appearance, by taking it from a text-based link to that of graphic imagery. The imagery is presented in way of a mosaic style, setup on a virtual bulletin-board. The clients of the dynamic site are inclusive of two well-known prosperous corporations; and others.

According to Forbes, Billy McFarland’s next venture was that of Magnises. He established Magnises in August of 2013. The Magnises concept is that of a heavy metal card: convenient since it is virtually impossible to lose it. It is linkable to the user’s debit or bank card. Billy McFarland provided the insight that most young professionals carry a debit or bank card about.

The Magnises card provides these users with a handy pay option, since it is linkable to an existing card. Too: it provides the user with innumerable discounts to the best eateries, and places to stay inside of New York. The black card provides easy accessibility to the best nightclubs in the New York area; among many other amenities and features.

By using the black Magnises card, the young twenty-something professional is able to attain special deals to the trendiest locations, attend private concerts, use the Magnises penthouse for important meetings; take a guest for a cocktail event–happening at sunset—at the Magnises penthouse location, and more.

The annual fee for the card is a reasonable $250.00, yearly. However, in order to take advantage of the Magnises social opportunity, along with pay-option, the member must be highly committed to interacting with the metropolitan-business community. The card affords the user with many benefits, not provided to young professionals who do not possess the card—so making use of all of its tremendous amenities—and appreciating those opportunities is as much of a given as carrying the card.

The card is available in New York City and Washington D.C. According, to McFarland, the company plans on expanding to the markets of Atlanta, L.A., Boston, Chicago, and London.

Magnises by 2015, had raised three-million in venture capital and, at that time, had ten-thousand members. It continues to grow its membership base and is constantly adding more interesting opportunities and benefits for its member-base; tied to the card.


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