Billionaire Guilherme Paulus Is Big Success In The Tourism Industry

Brazilian Guilherme Paulus is the chairman of the GJP Hotels & Resorts. He founded the company in 2005. It now oversees twenty hotels and employs over five thousand people. The company transports up to six million tourists by plane and is known worldwide as the best tourism agency for Brazil.

Paulus began his career as an IBM intern and studied business. Guilherme Paulus is a self-starter. In 1972, he co-founded the CVC Brazil Operator and Travel Agency, located in Santo Andre, San Paulo. He put his first agency near a movie theater, so a lot of people would see the store. He focused both on domestic and international tourism in Brazil. After a few years, he became the sole proprietor.

In the 1980’s he began chartering flights and in 1995, he opened his first hotel. CVC is now the biggest agency in Latin America and they have four hundred stores, located in malls and online. The company earns 5.2 billion dollars a year and now plans to build hotels near airports and put agencies in smaller communities.

In 2013, Guilherme Paulus was worth 1.1 billion dollars and is very powerful. This businessperson recommends investing as the best way to make money but still stays involved in the day to day business. He travels often, visiting hotels and speaking with staff and clients. He once made a mistake when he tried to open a CVC travel agency in France, which offered trips from France to Brazil. The French did not know what CVC meant, that it was a travel agency. Nevertheless, France awarded him for his contributions to tourism. He won many awards in Brazil too, garnering Brazil’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

In addition to his work, Paulus is a philanthropist. He has a foundation for young people interested in the tourism industry and runs a tourism professional group. This entrepreneur hopes young people will enter the tourism industry. He also assists a foundation called the Dr. Klaide Care Education Institution, which helps disadvantaged people get medical and psychological care. Guilherme Paulus can be reached on Facebook and likes using technology.

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