Beauty Put to Test by The Real Real

The extravagance sale e-commerce location that runs a pop up in Las Vegas and a brick-and-mortar site in SoHo has decided to go an extra mile and add various beauty products to its collections. However, over the holiday period, the products have been in the market especially in the SoHo stores as well as in the Las Vegas post. According to Rati Levesque, who is the principal wholesaler at The Real Real, there is a test that is currently been done on the restorative selection of the beauty products on both the brick-and-mortar locations and online. All this is done to complete the client’s journey.

The principal wholesaler also said that it would be their dream that luxury clients choose them as a reliable last stop to the most prestigious choices of luxury products through all groups from beauty to clothing because currently, they are in the first phases, however, they are scheduling to invest more in the category in future months.

According to sources, the products that are new on the market are in contrast to the business model based on shipment from The Real Real. Consistent with the Real Real’s workable luxury placing, products that are been retailed are of the Clean beauty range. The retailed brands include; Babo Botanicals, Joanna Vargas, Rahua, Pai Skincare, Ellis Brooklyn, Olio E Osso, Maison Louis Marie, In Foire, Kahina Giving Beauty, Uma Oils, Cap Beauty and Grown Alchemist.

When digging into the beauty space, The Real Real is the most recent clothing retailer. Industry professionals approve that the best way to appeal clients to Brick-and-mortar stores is through beauty and endorsing brand positioning. The Real Real is also said to be eyeing the same. Due to last year’s beauty creativities from, Free People, Madewell, and Anthropologies, Forever 21 launched eight Riley Rose stores which paid attention to the internet-born Millennial-friendly products.

On an interview with WWD in October, Julie Wainwright, the founder, and the chief executive said that the lines are getting cloudy a little but they are speaking to various persons and soon they will be getting their beauty and home brands that need to sell new products in their store.

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