Beauty Blogger Gives Wen By Chaz a Chance

If you are ever up late at night you have probably seen the infomercials for the hair line Wen by Chaz Dean. The women in the video have full voluptuous hair to die for and we have been secretly wondering if and fact Wen could give us the same results as these women in the infomercials.

The Wen products on sephora are an all in one shampoo, condition and styling treatment. The product is most famously known for being able to benefit all types of hair.

There have been some negative side effects but the majority of the reviews have been positive and this beauty blogger reports back that while her results were not what she dreamed of she still received great results and believed they would have been better if she wasn’t lazy when it comes to styling her hair.

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About Wen Care

Wen By Chaz was created by Chaz Dean. Chaz first began his career in photography. He took several commercial photography courses and later decided to enroll in cosmetology school after moving to LA.




  1. Timothy Will

    This blogger decided to buy on Amazon the Fig Version of the brand which promotes the ability to give hair moisture, bounce and shine. A beauty blogger recently decided to put the WEN cleansing products to the test to see if Wen truly works for all varieties of hair. This is something that affordable paper is needed to accomplish the task once and for all time.

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