Attorney Jeff Herman Endorses Immediate Passage of the Child Victim’s Act (NY S.809)

Each day, more big names are standing with the New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators (NYAHP) to demand that the GOP to stop stalling and pass the Child Victim’s Act (NY S.809)during this legislative session. Sexual abuse advocate Jeff Herman joins actor Corey Feldman and athlete Sarah Powers-Barnhard to pressure the NY Senate Republicans to pass the Child Victims Act before the 2018 legislative session ends in June.
Florida Attorney Jeff Herman is gained national recognition for exposing sexual predators in the Archdiocese of Miami and winning a 100 million dollar verdict for one of the victims. Herman has exposed additional sexual predators by attacking the institutions that protect them. Dedicated to obtaining justice for victims of rape, sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation, Herman has repeatedly made headlines.

NYAHP is committed to updating laws that allow public prosecutors to investigate and charge sexual predators operating in the state of New York. The current NY legislator has blocked the Child Victims Act from coming to a vote. If enacted, the new law would eliminate the present statue of limitations, both civil and criminal, regarding any sexual abuse of a child within the state of New York. Passage of the bill will also open a 365-day window for victims to file civil lawsuits for sexual offenses dating back as far as 50 years.

NY Senate Republicans oppose the Child Victims Act because it will flood the courts with sexual abuse cases, some of which will be fraudulent. Republicans are also concerned that businesses and non-profits that protected sexual predators will be bankrupted by multi-million dollar jury verdicts.

As an advocate for the rights of sexual abuse victims, Jeff Herman stands in agreement with the bill sponsor Manhattan Democrat Brady Hoylman: the predators and the organizations that protected them need to be publicly exposed and brought to justice.

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