Adam Goldenberg One of the Best Young CEOs in LA

Adam Goldenberg has built a long track record of success on during his time as a CEO in the Los Angeles business community. He has a track record of about 20 years of building and maintaining great business in the area. He has continued this trend with his latest business success, JustFab. Goldenberg founded JustFAb and the company has seen great success ever since including some record years for Goldenberg when it comes to funding. Goldenberg built JustFab using three different things; his past experience, his ability to make great decisions based on metrics, and his great hiring practices.

JustFab has been a huge success for the young LA CEO. The company is a subscription-based membership program for fashion and clothing. Members of the company pay a fee to be involved. Those that are members can go to the JustFab website and get big discounts on different fashion-related merchandise. These discounts can be pretty big depending on the relationship that JustFab has with the retailer. One of their best relationships is with the Kate Hudson-owned daily athletic wear company, Fabletics.

Goldenberg founded the company in 2010. Goldenberg has used to skills in fundraising to get the company over $50 million in funding in 2014 alone. This is a huge accomplishment for a new company like JustFAb. It would be surprising if Goldenberg didn’t also have great success with other companies in the past under his guidance.

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His first big success was the gaming network, Gamer’s Alliance on Bloomberg. It was one of the first companies of its kind when it was first founded. Goldenberg built the company until he sold it in 1999 to Intermix Media. The company was sold for an undisclosed sum.

After that, Goldenberg saw success in the mid-2000s with his company, Intelligent Beauty, Intelligent Beauty was A brand incubator for internet-based companies. Goldenberg was said to use his decision-making skills very effectively when he was in charge of Intelligent Beauty. He ran Intelligent Beauty for 4 years until he left he company in 2010 to found JustFab.

Goldenberg says that his ability to think past his ego and his ability to hire great employees are the main ingredients for his success as a CEO. He is not afraid to drop a product or an idea that isn’t effective based on metrics that he receives from his advisors. He is also dedicated to hiring people based on the passion that he sees them display just as much as their experience and their education resume.

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