Adam Goldenberg; An Unlikely Fashionista

Adam Goldenberg is not exactly the type of individual you may picture in your head when you imagine the founder of a women’s fashion company. However, that is exactly what he is. Adam Goldenberg and his partner and Co-Founder are the originators of the popular digital fashion company JustFab.

Although Adam Goldenberg has always been a forward-thinker and an innovator, he has not always been involved in the fashion industry. At the young age of just 15 years old, Adam founded his first company Gamers Alliance, which he went on to sell to the once majorly successful social media website MySpace. It was at that point that he made a move that is rarely seen in successful executives; he dropped out of high school. Goldenberg then moved himself across the company to join Intermix Media as the Vice President of Strategic Planning. That is quite an amazing feet for anyone under the age of forty, but even more astounding for a teenager. Adam’s ambition did not stop with Intermix. By the young age of twenty, he became the youngest Chief Operating officer of a publicly traded company, permanently cementing a name for himself and his career.

Adam’s career continued to carry him through prestigious positions in the corporate world as he continued to work his way up. After Intermix was acquired by News Corporation at, Adam met and became fast friends with his now partner Don Ressler. It was inevitable that the pair would go off on their own to start their own successful internet business, but it is unlikely that even they knew what, or how successful it would really be.

JustFab is more than just an average online store to Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. From the initial conceptualization, the powerful pair wanted to design the type of personalized shopping experience that is normally only accessible to the rich and famous. They wanted it to be much more than a store, but a fully-engaging social platform where the everyday woman could explore and express her personal style in an online luxury boutique atmosphere.

The site is one of the first to offer a membership program that provides its members with an automatic monthly shipment of shoes or other pieces based on their personal style on VB Profiles. Upon signing up, each member takes a quiz to help determine their personal style and are then assigned their very own personal stylist to make them recommendations of the stores merchandise based on the results of their quiz. Although, the site is most commonly known for offering a wide selection of shoes, JustFab also sells a variety of jewelry, handbags, and other accessories.

The model that Goldenberg and Ressler have designed for JustFab is now being implemented in a wide assortment of other automatic shopping programs producing millions in annual income.

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