A Man That Has Given Capital Group 30+ Years of Dedicated Services Now Spearheads the Company’s Leadership

Success is widely believed to come after expending some amount of time. In other word, it is not immediate. However, Capital Group performance since the coming on board of the new leadership headed by Timothy “Tim” Armour seems to refute the above postulation. The company has been experiencing rapid growth since Tim became Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company in 2015. His enthusiasm and hard work has never depreciated all the three decades he has been with the company.


Tim can be likened to a one-company man; this shows he is focus. The only thing he did outside Capital Group was his time at Middlebury College in Vermont that led to his obtaining a B.Sc. in Economics, and this was before his having any dealings with the company. For 32 years now, all his investment experience has been with Capital Group. He is thus more than qualified to occupy the exalted office of the company’s chairman and more information click here.


Though Tim had long been tipped for the exalted office, the position became vacant as a result of a sad event – the demise of Jim Rothenberg, the former Chairman. Someone else must take over immediately to keep the company moving while still mourning the unexpected departure of a colleague and friend. Precisely July 28, 2015, Tim was officially confirmed by the Board of Directors as the new chairman of Capital Group and learn more about Timothy.


Tim Armour has much to draw strength from. He has the much needed wealth of experience and astute technical know-how couple with his enthusiastic and hard-working traits. In 2016, Wall Street Journal published a self-written piece by Tim. The write-up contained valuable advice for investors looking for active management. He admonished investors to shun average returns on investment but rather comb round in order to find managers capable of delivering above-average market returns. In his words: “The job of the long-term active manager is to look for value in enough places to help investors do better than the market average over meaningful periods of time” more information click here.


There are clear indications that the Tim Armour’s era in Capital Group will further strengthen the company’s position as one of the global leading investment management firms for many years to come.

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