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David Osio is the Executive Director and Founder of Davos Financial Group. Previous to this position he was a Director of a lawyer’s firm in Caracas, Venezuela. He was apparently very successful and of much prestige and high ambitions…..yet he always needed to move up and excel within the world.

On June of this year, PR Newswire has released an online news article about this interesting man. The article may be read fully online at ( I will briefly recap the information discussed in the article.

Davos Real Estate Group is another source of this article, a company which bears Mr. Osio’s reputation and standing in addition to a few others. David Osio and his executive team at Davos Real Estate Group launch its new real estate application’ is the exact title of the article. It appears that the Davos CAP Calculator is a brand new mobile app which has just recently been announced and released to the public, and which is equally followed by some fan applause and word of mouth.

This particular mobile app is intended to assist clients with their real estate return investments. The original idea for this app, one may ask? Mr. Davos claims throughout the article that he and others within the executive realm of his leadership circle have been seeing fit for some time—-the idea of bringing financial guidance and direction in the form of a mobile app, for Davos Real Estate Group….and as such, releasing it to the greater U.S. English speaking public. The demographics are the highest and the audience as well within our great technologically advanced society; we are, after all, the number one country in the world in terms of global status and technological advancement & progress. That is both something to be quite proud of—-as well as something to take full advantage of. It appears that Davos Real Estate Group’s top leaders have seized the moment and delivered right on the opportunity opening….hoping to reach the large audience of available and prospective financial real estate clientele through this unique mobile app.

That’s not all, however! It does not have to stop within the U.S. alone; global growth and expansion are always the goal here. “Davos Real Estate Group, has been refocused in recent months, while also working on the development of this new “Davos CAP Calculator” application, the company has been developing new strategic partnerships…” (pg. 1)

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