A Brief Look At Norka Luque’s Rise To Stardom

Norka Luque is a popular Venezuelan pop, dance and Latin music artist. She is a sensation in her native Venezuela and is one of the most recognized singers there. However her fame has spread beyond her country of birth. She regularly performs at venues across South America and even the United States. She sings in both Spanish and English. Norka as she is known was even nominated for best female artist in South America after her first hit debut song As You Do It came out in 2011. Her competitors included such heavyweights as pop star Shakira.

Norka has since followed up her hit debut song with several other hit singles. This included Millagro or Miracle and the dance song Tommorowland. Besides these two additional hits Norka has also sung Love In Your Eyes with great songs. She also does covers of other songs constantly like Navidad and Get Lucky originally sung by the band Daft Punk and Pharrel Williams.

A defining characteristic of Norka besides her distinct Venezuelan accent is her ability to dance and sing various melodies at once. Many of her songs blend together pop, Latin, rock and roll, reggae and Mediterranean beats together. One of her great talents is to be able to combine these different elements to create a song that blends these beats together in a harmonious way.

The early life of Norka Luque was heavily infused with music and the arts. She studied and played the piano and attended ballet lessons. Norka also studied and danced a traditional Spanish folk style of dance called Flamenco. Basic music theory and lessons were also taught to her from an early age. She would compete and win singing competitions from an early age. Her talent would eventually be noticed by world famous producers based in Miami, Florida a hotbed of South American expatriates living in the USA.

Norka’s rise to fame would not come easy and would take a long while. She would study business abroad in France, but set her heart out to becoming a musician. She came to Miami after studying abroad, hoping to begin a music career. It would take years before her talent was noticed, promoted and given an opportunity to blossom into one of the best to ever come out of Venezuela. Her music has been made into remixes many times over. Singles like Millagro or Miracle have also topped the charts in South America.

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