Month: January 2017

Perfect Hair Products- Wen

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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and to look attractive, one needs to be well groomed, starting from cleaning their bodies. Hair is part of the body, and it speaks volumes of one’s personality. Keeping the hair well groomed is the easiest task as it does not need to be too expensive. Below are…

Billy McFarland: His Inventiveness is a By-Productof a Strong Educational Background and a Ripe Talented Mind

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The CEO of Spling and of the company Magnises is Billy McFarland: a twenty-something, technical genius, as described by well-known media sources. McFarland was born in New York. He spent his growing up years in Short Hills, New Jersey. Short Hills is a community which is unincorporated. It is located inside of Millburn Township, within…

Gentle And Effect WEN Cleansing Conditioner

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Most conditioners on the market today are full of harsh chemicals that can leave hair feeling stripped of its natural vitality and beauty. It is never a good thing when a product is meant to achieve soft, smooth, manageable hair and instead, after using harsh conditioners hair feels hard, rough, and unmanageable. Countless bottles are…

Natural Ingredients, Silky-smooth Lips

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Do you love lip balms or chapstick, but hate that heavy, waxy feeling on your lips? Does traditional chapstick leave your lips dryer than you started, or feeling like you need more when you just finished putting it on? eos lip balms are the solution for which you’ve been looking! eos, or Evolution of Smooth,…

Fabletics’ Creative and Progressive Marketing, Branding and Retailing Strategy

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Fabletics is a new and modernized clothing enterprise that sells its items to clients through a subscription membership program. The customer is only required to select their favorite brand and products for Fabletics to deliver the items every day of the set date. According to the Fabletics’ general manager Gregg Throgmartin, knowing the identity and…

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