Month: May 2016

Talk Fusion 30 Day Trial To Give Potential Customers a New Experience

Posted by in Digital Marketing

Talk Fusion is a leader in international marketing solution. The company recently launched a 30-day trial that many wanted. It will be available in nine different languages and available in over a hundred and forty countries. This will ensure that all customers that are interested in purchasing Talk Fusion all in one video marketing solutions…

Fabletics: Athleisure For Everyone

Posted by in Fashion Style

The A style of clothing has taken the country by storm. Recent sales of athleisure wear have surpassed denim sales and continued to rise in popularity. Most people have either heard of athleisure or are currently wearing it. Whether you are active at the gym, or you just like to be comfortable, then athleisure is…

Luciana Lossio Will Lead The Brazilian Courts Into The Future

Posted by in Brazil

Luciana Lossio was recently named to head the electoral court of Brazil, and she has become one of the youngest people ever appointed to such a high position. She is a trained lawyer who has been working through the court system over the years by giving arguments to the higher courts. She became a star…

Thor Halvorssen Looks For Success Instead Of Following Human Rights Politics

Posted by in Activism, Human Rights

The Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen has recently been discussing his career as a film producer and activist with The Weekly Standard. Halvorssen is well known among members of the human rights activism community for his views on the topic, which have often seen him unfairly described as a right winger because of his…

Reputation Management Takes Center Stage on ABC’s Shark Tank

Posted by in Television Shows, TV Stars

BrandYourself,is a revolutionary new new company committed to rebuilding a person’s online reputation. The company was founded by three friends, Pete Kistler, Evan Watson and Patrick Ambron. Pete Kistler’s name was was identical with many convicted felons and was an impediment to him finding employment and even a date! So he teamed up with his…

Shaygan Kheradpir: An Innovative Leader In Business & Technology

Posted by in Business, CEO Profiles

Shaygan Kheradpir, a Cornell graduate with a masters, bachelors, and Ph.D. in electrical engineering has more than an impressive transcript under his belt. Starting his career at GTE (General Telephone & Electric) Kheradpir has more than made a name for himself. After working for GTE, Kheradpir was appointed Verizon’s EVP & Chief Information Officer and…

The True Worth of JustFab

Posted by in Business, Business Help, Business Leaders

Are you looking for cool shoes, in style outfits or an awesome hand bag? If so Justfab is the best place to shop. Justfab is an online shopping web page that offers an array of choices for the customer. The site offers a vast choice of many different styles in everything they offer. Shoes! something…

Impact of Martin Lustgarten In Investment Banking

Posted by in Business Leaders, Investment Bankers

There is a very thin line between commercial banking and investment banking. The laws and practices that govern these institutions are very different. Investment banking acts as a financial bridge linking businesses, governments and organizations to investors who provide funds for these institutions. In most instances you will find that financial organization do not have…

Yeonmi Park’s Story of Resilience

Posted by in Freedom

It takes extraordinary boldness and an excellent quality of character to conquer some life testing minutes and encounters. Just the substantial and striking hearted will dependably persevere life sufferings. To Yeonmi Park, “the word Freedom did not exist” she said in a New York Times interview. What she accepted was most crucial, and the happiest…

The Success of Charles Koch

Posted by in Business, Business Help

Charles Koch is among one of the wealthiest and most influential individuals in the world. His success with Koch Industries has enabled him to become readily involved in both the world of business, but also in the world of politics. Charles and David Koch’s business is an oil refining business that creates and develops much…

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