Month: April 2016

VTA Non-Fiction Publications and Distance Learning

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VTA Publications stands for Victorian Transport Association, a factual and realistic administrator which was created in 2012 in the United Kingdom. Their intention is to furnish thousands of internet customers to savor their information commodities and services which can be accomplished digitally and physically, by providing distance learning courses online. They are also casting brokers…

Andy Wirth Supports Programs of Navy Seal Foundation through the Special Warfare Warrior Team

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When not busy in office striking out great deals and overseeing daily operations at Squaw Valley Corporation, Andy Wirth used to skydiving. On October 2013, two friends accompanied Wirth, and they went out to skydive, which was like a ritual to them. However, the weather that day was a bit harsh. While Wirth was effecting…

Video Marketing Giant Talk Fusion Opens up Free Trial Program

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We are living in the gilded age of information and every day our world takes an even tighter turn toward absolute information saturation. The internet has changed the way that companies do business and it has created entire new industries surrounding them. Gaining the attention of prospective customers on the internet is no longer easy…

Beneful Foods Offer Nutrition And Taste

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PurinaStore’s Beneful dog food is made to the highest standards for quality and safety. It is manufactured in strict accordance with FDA and USDA regulation, but they go the extra mile. In an effort to eliminate such toxins as mycotoxins, lead and arsenic they implement over 150 testing procedures to ensure their products are the…

The Launch of Beyoncé’s Ivy Park Clothing Line

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The Ivy Park athleisure clothing line by Beyoncé will be available in stores globally as from 14th April 2016. Beyoncé disclosed that she launched the clothing line on Instagram because she wanted to fix what was missing in her wardrobe. With the Ivy Park brand, she hopes to push the limits of athletic wear to…

Filmmaker, Historian, Writer and Philanthropist: Michael Zomber

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Some might say that Americans are obsessed with guns. Perhaps what they should say is we are obsessed with defending ourselves, or being prepared to, should the need arise. To this point, many people are collectors of arms and armor, as is the case with Michael Zomber (, of the History Channel’s Tales of the…

Great news for shoe shoppers and Slyce

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Originally announced on Marketwired: On March 22, 2016, Slyce declared that they are teaming up with Shoe Carnival. This is great news for shoe shoppers because they can take 3D pictures of shoes from magazines, or real life and they can see if the shoes have the similar features at Shoe Carnival. Shoe Carnival is…

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