Month: March 2016

Kyle Bass Ousting High-Priced Pharma Heavyweights For Cheaper Drugs, Propaganda?

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American hedge fund strategist/business mogul, Kyle Bass filed a petition, requesting an investigation into Biogen Inc. Tecfidera dimethyl fumarate-based drugs. Bass questions the integrity of multiple affordable sclerosis drugs patents as disclosed in his IPR (inter partes review) petition to the U.S. PTAB (Patent Trial and Appeal Board). It’s standard protocol to submit an IPR…

Beauty Blogger Gives Wen By Chaz a Chance

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If you are ever up late at night you have probably seen the infomercials for the hair line Wen by Chaz Dean. The women in the video have full voluptuous hair to die for and we have been secretly wondering if and fact Wen could give us the same results as these women in the…

Sam Tabar Joins The Investment Industry After A Successful Career As An Attorney And Capital Strategist

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Mr. Sam Tabar has been one of the most prolific attorneys who had ever worked in New York City. On top of this Sam Tabar has been a capital strategist who has worked for various world-class firms. Sam Tabar is also a philanthropist and he took up this mission after he quit his law and…

Skout Helps Feed The Hungry

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PR Newswire Press Release About Skout PR Newswire is a well known site that is a UBM plc company. They published an interesting article about Skout on March 11, 2016 out of San Fransisco. The article will be summarized in this post in order to help others understand what Skout is about and how they…

Jon Urbana’s New Blog Post Collection

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Jon Urbana is a man with a wide variety of interests. He likes to share those interests on his WordPress blog. The Denver, Colorado native has a multitude of interests that have followed him through Urbana’sĀ entire life. The former Villanova lacrosse co-captainĀ likes to post to his blog frequently. Stop by his blog and leave comments….

Long Live the Queens

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For many of us, the most drama we experience is gossip at the water cooler. Granted when you find out secrets about your coworkers it does make the day more exciting, but then again sometimes we need more. That is why so many turn to reality television. We can watch how others deal with everyday…

The Importance of Hair Care and WEN by Chaz

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  Hair care is a very important aspect of appearance. For one thing, the person with well cared for hair is going to feel a lot better about herself. However, the many different types of hair care products can do a lot of harm to one’s hair. Fortunately, WEN by Chaz Dean has a better…

From Independent Living To Hospice Care: The Manse On Marsh

Posted by in Caring for the Elderly

The Manse on Marsh is a community that was created for senior citizens to reside in during the later years of their life. There are several benefits to choosing The Manse. One major one is the full time Resident Nurse that is on staff. The RN coordinates care plans for each resident with the resident,…

Why Helane Morrison is Turning Heads in the Financial Markets

Posted by in Women in Finance

Very few people can resist the urge to make quick money through deceitful methods. As the world economy gets worse, people who previously upheld high moral integrity are devising dubious ways to earn more money in order to make ends meet. It takes people who have attained unmatchable ethical standards to resist this kind of…

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