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Awards tend to catch people’s attention. But sometimes an award also helps to educate people about important issues. This has been the case for many people who’ve learned about Sussex Healthcare. They’ve been receiving quite a bit of attention thanks to their Clean Care award. The Infection Prevention and Control Team awarded it to Sussex Healthcare in recognition of their outstanding achievements.

Of particular note is the emphasis placed on team effort. The reward isn’t there to recognize the achievements of any one person. It’s recognition of every single person working above and beyond expectations in order to create the best possible results. Basically, it showcases what a full community of staff and residents can do. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at Crunchbase.

What’s just as remarkable is the timeframe. Sussex Healthcare has operated as a care home network since 1985. That’s a considerable amount of time for any organization to simply exist. But they’ve not only done so, but thrived within a very fast moving industry.

But life within the facilities is anything but hectic. It’s not somewhere people go for any one specific thing. But instead, it’s an actual community and home for elders. And Sussex Healthcare puts special emphasis on both of those concepts.

Residents receive state of the art healthcare. But they also have their emotional and social needs met as well. It’s a place where people can actually enjoy their golden years with the respect they deserve. With staff who are understanding of the special needs brought about by the aging process. And staff are equally aware of the physical concerns which often come with aging as well.

The more one looks into it the more obvious it is how wide a scope of knowledge that really is. And this is also part of what goes into creating an award winning environment. The Clean Care award puts particular attention on disease cross contamination and prevention. It’s a complex topic, but it basically involves preventing transference of illness between patients or residents.

Receiving the award also shows that they treat residents as individuals rather than a faceless group. And that means taking the time and attention to provide for all possible needs. Both in terms of helping people recover from illness and ensure people never become sick in the first place. Visit:


OSI Industries has experienced a remarkable growth ever since it was established. The organization is currently the globe’s leading value-added food supplies. The organization presently runs 65 branches within 17 nations. It has over 20,000 employees across those branches.OSI Industries comes at top 58 according to Forbes when it comes to the largest organizations that are privately owned in the United States.

OSI has been able to secure good prices for its products as well as offering the best quality of food including service. In addition to this, the company offer products that meet the demands of its clients as well as matching their culinary profiles. With technology, the company can reduce the food preparation time and ensuring the safety of the products.

For the last few years, OSI Industries has entered into joint ventures as well as acquiring some facilities across the world. The organization is in joint ventures with warehouse, processing plants, poultry processing facilities, and farms. The company is doing all these as it targets to become the first international food provider to large branded organizations in Europe, North America, and other locations in the world. OSI Industries has branches in India, China, and Australia and operates a joint venture in the Philippines called GenOSI.

Recently, OSI Industries expanded the processing of chicken capacity at one of his facilities in Spain. The company used about 17 million Euros to double the facility’s processing capacity to 24,000 tons from 12,000 tons. This expansion is aimed at meeting the increasing demand of customers within the areas who want chicken products. The facility’s management claims that they have been experiencing increasing numbers of clients coming for chicken products and they saw it fit to expand the processing capacity to cater to those needs. In addition to this, the organization feels that the numbers will keep increasing and so they have to set themselves ready for the upcoming task.

The expansions taking place within the OSI allows the organization to create exciting new products. In addition to this, the organization works toward ensuring that its operations cause no harm to the local communities as well as the environment. OSI has incorporated sustainability strategies in its operations including in its decision. For instance, the new processing plant that the Spain branch received has helped the facility to cut its electricity consumption by 20 percent. With all these improvements, OSI is set for better productivity.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has already had quite a career. He has been a member of The Orthopedic Research Society, The American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons, The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and The American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons. as you can tell, the busy doctor specializes in reconstructive joint surgeries usually concerning the knee joints, shoulders and hips.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum loves to innovate new ways for patients to get back to health with minimally invasive surgeries. For example, he believes in knee resurfacing surgery in lieu of total replacement. The resurfacing technique fits one of the chambers of the knee with a metal plate as well as smooth plastic to reduce friction. It lasts longer, reduces pain and the patient gets to keep all of the original tendons.

The innovative doctor believes in audiobooks. Time is short for the surgeon who performs more than 500 joint surgeries per year. Audiobooks allow him to absorb information during downtime like in a car or going for a walk. This allows him to keep up on the latest trends while staying informed on the cutting edge technology in his field. This hyper-productivity has helped so many patients across the country.

The competition in the business world today is increasing each day, and those doing business need to know how to survive amid it and thrive. There is no time competition will ever cease in business. However, business people need to know how they should come up with some new business strategies to succeed. Randal Nardone is a businessman who knows how to stay on top in the business field despite stiff competition. Randal knew he needed to start a food processing company and nothing could stop him from doing so. He knew there was much competition in the food industry, but he was determined to rise above it and enjoy a great reputation.

The experience Randal has on finance matters cannot be undermined. He has worked with many clients, and this has given him the financial knowledge and expertise he has achieved. Despite working with clients from his own country, he has also interacted with clients from various countries. Randal Nardone will always have positive improvements in any venture he finds. He says a competitive field is the best environment for a real entrepreneur. His massive experience on finance issues led him to start Fortress Investment Group. Since he couldn’t lose the chance, he took a great business leader called Wes Edens to start the company.

The firm has enjoyed great times with Randal since he has made all its departments grow and expand. He is the executive leader behind most of the developments you see in this company. Most clients confirm that the company has offered them exceptional financial services making it easier for them to stick by it. Randal Nardone isn’t just a business person with great expertise and skills, but a man who has consistently demonstrated these skills. Finding business leaders with outstanding financial experience like Randal isn’t obvious. Although many people have great goals in their lives, financial problems hinder them from realizing their goals.

Although Randal has deeper roots in the business world, he also has a vast legal background. He has two law degrees that include an undergraduate law degree and master’s degree in the same field. He stayed in the legal field for a while and later discovered how the legal and business fields could be interlinked. He says better results would come through this activity. Randal Nardone got into the financial sector after developing a huge interest in business and commercial matters. Since the time he helped Fortress Investment Group to acquire SoftBank, the company has always received numerous awards for its significant contribution to economic growth.

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian businessman who has made his living in Brazilian travel and tourism. He founded and heads the company of CVC. This company acts as a travel agency and specializes in offering travel packages to tourists. The company has a major online presence as one of its numerous marketing outlets. GJP group is the parent company, which Guilherme Paulus currently leads as CEO.

He’s also a member of the National Tourism Council. Among many other accomplishments, Paulus acts as a Chairman of the Board of Directors of the São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau. He serves on other major Brazilian travel committee boards as well.

As a self-made billionaire, Guilherme Paulus has an impressive, but a relatively short resume. He worked as an intern at IBM for just a year, before getting involved in the hospitality industry. The beginning of his career was in 1972. Being only 24 years old, he started CVC. While Guilherme Paulus remained at the helm, the company gave a nearly two-thirds stake to a private equity company. Being worth $420 million dollars, the company continued to grow over the years. In the interim, GJP Group was formed in 2005 and sought to build new properties near Brazilian airports. The move, as well as Brazil’s growing tourism sector, proved to be fruitful for Paulus and his businesses.

Guilherme Paulus is also a family man. He reports being married and having two children. With his over four decades of experience in the travel and tourism industry, he’s been given praise by both foreign and domestic travel authorities. Over 200 awards have been given over the years to recognize his significant contributions to the industry. By innovating and restructuring over the years, Paulus has maintained his position as the majority shareholder of his businesses. He is definitely someone to keep an eye out for in the business and tourism world.

End Citizens United filed a complaint against Rick Scott to the Federal Election Commissions. The complaint alleges Scott using a “super PAC” for his Senate campaign and his actions are to get around the federal limits that have been place on contributions to candidates’ campaigns. Scott is accused of violating the anti-coordination law with the New Republican PAC by the End Citizens United. The PAC has pledged to help Scott for the election as U.S Senate, as Scott was the chairman of the group the announcement of the running. See more of End Citizens United on facebook

Adam Bozzi, Communications Director for End Citizens United, believes Scotts interests are more for his political gain than he is for the law.

The campaign for Scott has denied all of these accusations, but End Citizens United countered the denial by presenting documentation. The reason for the establishment was to get Big Money out of our political system and it is to support candidates for office who agree and address this topic.

Currently, Rick Scott has proven who does not believe in campaign finance reform, that is why there is a need to defeat him in the ballot box.

Scott continues to deny any illegal activity, that is why collecting evidence in crucial. Recently the PAC has shown that both New Republican and Rick Scott are working with the fundraiser Jenny Rucker, while in the process of raising money for the New Republican in February.

The complaint was now forced to be made by the End Citizens United toward Scott that the Committee is being taken advantage of and paying the bills toward the Senate bid. Solutions to campaign finance difficulties are simply by either passing a law that would keep candidate hiding their identities or who are interested in enforcing the laws.

Bozzi does believe these are great steps, but in order to do this greater steps will have to be taken by court. It is expected to take a long time but unlimited campaign is not part of free speech. Read more:  


Dr. Saad Saad is one of the best pediatric surgeons ever. He has served as a surgeon for the past 47 years in the United States. In this period, he has done a lot in treating people as well as introducing new treatment ideas and inventions in the medical industry. His services in the industry have been unique just as the path he took before he became the distinguished surgeon we see today. In the period he has been a surgeon, he has operated people of diverse backgrounds and never has he looked at a person based on the origin they have or based on the challenges they face. He has always treated every person with respect and love.


Dr. Saad Saad has an inspiring story that can motivate anyone to try their level best in life. By looking at his background, it is hard to imagine how he made it as one of the top surgeons in the United States. Dr. Saad was born in Palestine in the 1940s. At this time, there were conflicts in the region who had been created by the creation of the State of Israel, and there was mass eviction of people from some regions. Dr. Saad Saad and his family were among those who were forced to move away from the ancestral homes. They were sent to an unknown land with nothing apart from the clothes on their bodies.


After some time, his father moved the entire family to Kuwait where the environment was peaceful. However, there was one challenge that they encountered here. They were refugees and therefore did not have a right to live the life they would want. No one really cared about them and therefore they had to do something to change the situation.


Dr. Saad Saad was challenged by his father to seek higher education as it was the only option that would get the family out of the hardships associated with the refugee-life. He joined Cairo University where he pursued a medical degree and graduated among the top students in his class.


Dr. Saad Saad got a chance to move to the United States to practice pediatric surgery. Once he moved to the United States, he was committed to changing his story and that of his family. His resolve was to become a successful pediatric surgeon in the United States. He sought certification from the relevant medical board so that he could be allowed to practice pediatric surgery. In a few years, he had received the certification, a rare thing for many people at the time. Learn more :

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administration Officer (CAO) of InnovaCare Inc. since here 2015 when she and other executive leaders were added to the leadership team. InnovaCare Inc. is a company in the healthcare sector that has been leading in the provision of managed care services to the people of Puerto Rico. The company provides two Medicare advantage plans namely the PMC and MMM whereby more than 2 million members have subscribed to these services. InnovaCare has been successful, thanks to its dedicated leaders such as Penelope Kokkinides and Dr. Richard Shinto who has been serving the company as the president and CEO. Before Penelope Kokkinides became the CAO, she was the Chief Operating Officer of the company and the vice president of all clinical operations.


Penelope Kokkinides has a vast experience in the healthcare and managed care industry. This experience equipped her with rich knowledge on how to develop managed care processes and clinical programs, and on the improvement of organizational infrastructures. Rich Shinto had also worked in other organizations holding executive positions. These companies include Centerlight HealthCare serving as executive VP and COO, Touchstone Health serving as COO and AmeriChoice where she served as the corporate vice president for care management and disease management. Penelope Kokkinides has a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and classical languages, a master’s degree in social work and a master’s degree in public health from Binghamton University, New York University and Columbia University School of Public Health respectively. Her academic achievements and experience in the managed care industry have contributed greatly to the success of InnovaCare Inc. Check out



During an interview with IdeaMensch, Penelope Kokkinides said that her daily experiences are different due to the nature of her work, and this keeps her on her toes because she must remain focused and productive. Kokkinides brings her ideas into reality by working closely with her team to ensure the ideas gets implemented. She says that one of the things that excite her is technology because due to nature if her work, she travels a lot and must remain connected to her team. Thanks to technology she can easily communicate with them all at any given time and from anywhere. To become a productive entrepreneur, Penelope Kokkinides believes that one needs to plan on the things that need to be accomplished the following day and also stay informed on the new trends in the industry. She says that a successful entrepreneur needs to read a lot of information from publications, articles, and books among other useful sources. The key strategy that has assisted her to grow her business is prioritizing tasks because it’s an efficient way of managing time. You can visit their website



See more:


Deirdre Baggot is a veteran in the healthcare industry. She began as a nurse and has climbed her to the top of the executive ladder. She works to create solutions for patients. Most commonly, she is known for her work with bundled patients. Patients with chronic illnesses or who regularly visit the doctor, tend to be billed separately for many different procedures, treatments and medicines. This can be time consuming for medial billing staff. Additionally, it is also costly for the patient. Bundled payments solve both of these issues. Bundled payments allow for patients to be billed at once for their medical procedures. It also saves patients more money than the traditional way of billing. Click here for more Related Articles.

Deirdre Baggot has been working in the healthcare field for over twenty years. She studied at the University of Colorado studying philosophy. She earned her MBA from Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois. Additionally, she also has a nursing degree. With her bachelors degree, MBA and PhD, she has worked herself up to being an advisor to many executives for medical facilities and organizations. She helps these companies develop and strategize to create bundled payment systems to better help staff and lower patients’ medical bills.

Over two hundred hospitals have been helped by this healthcare pioneer. She has instructed hospitals on how to enrich the patient relationship. She had done this by enabling and implementing bundled payments to these hospitals. Patient experiences have improved due to bundled payments. Since both hospitals and patients are saving money these forms of payments are more favorable than traditional means of billing. She also advises the senior level of leadership for the boards of major healthcare companies. She has worked with and led bundled payment system creations for Medicaid and Medicare providers.

The healthcare pioneer has written several papers on her discoveries for the healthcare industry. She is known across the nation in the medical community. She frequently speaks at the American College of Healthcare Executives and the American Heart Association. She speaks at bundled payment and medical billing events held by the Healthcare Financial Management Association and other summits. Visit:


Wes Edens is co-founder and current principal of the Fortress Investment Group, a private equity firm. Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman also helped to start-up fortress, but Kauffman retired in 2012 to pursue his passion for car racing.

Started in 1998, the Fortress Investment Group specializes in corporate mergers and acquisitions, operations management, capital markets, and asset-based investing. Although Fortress was the first alternative-investment firm to go public on the NYSE, it was also the first to be bought. SoftBank Group Corporation, a Japanese company, purchased Fortress in 2017. Wes Edens is still a principal of Fortress along with two others, Nardone and Peter Briger who started with Fortress in 2015.

One of the alternative-investments that Wes Edens is currently apart of is Brightline, a train that connects cities in southern Florida. Beginning on May 19th, 2018, Brightline began commuting passengers from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale and vice versa; Brightline has been running from Ft. Lauderdale to West Palm beach since the beginning of the year. This investment by Fortress and Wes Edens is a greener approach to the commute and can save passengers a lot of time. While the average commute with no traffic is half an hour, with construction or an accident, this can easily increase to several hours. On Brightline, the trip is about 30 to 35 minutes. This investment is also a cheap alternative at $10 per ride, compared to Uber at approximately $40. So far, customers have been happy with this substitute option and it is easy to see why.

Another investment that Fortress and Wes Edens is a part of is the purchase of the soccer club Aston Villa. Edens purchased it with Nassef Sawiris through their Egyptian-based group, NWSE. Tony Xia, a Chinese business man bought the club in May 2016 and will stay on as co-chairman. Investing $39 million gave Edens and Sawiris a 55% stake in the team. Edens is also co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucs of the NBA and he believes that his experience in sport teams can bring Aston Villa back into the top tier of English football.

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