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Austin plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden has taken some bold steps in her life. Her non traditional path is a study in focused, goal-oriented, type-A success. Male surgeons outnumber female surgeons in general, but in Walden’s specialty, women make up a mere six percent of US board-certified plastic surgeons.

Although it certainly must have been challenging coming up through medical school, residency and fellowships, Dr. Walden seems to have gotten used to swimming against the tide – even putting aside cultural norms and expectations to pursue single motherhood. Upon learning, as many professional women who have delayed starting a family no doubt have, that she would have trouble conceiving, she began fertility treatments at age 38. Her twin sons, Houston and Rex, were conceived via IVF from an anonymous sperm donor. Rather than use precious fertility years searching for a partner, the doctor began fertility treatments in order to improve her chances of having a successful, healthy pregnancy. In 2011 she decided to leave her successful New York practice to build her life with her sons back home in Austin.

Her Austin-area practice, has an all female staff of 15. This environment is often beneficial. Women make up about 91% of plastic surgery patients, and Walden has heard from multiple women that it is easier to talk to female practitioners about certain types of procedures.

When meeting with patients, Dr. Walden works to manage their expectations, dispelling any illusions they may have about plastic surgery. In her words, her job is to make them look like a “refreshed, rejuvenated” version of themselves. Most patients aren’t even asking for something dramatically different. Really, they are looking for minor tweaks, like removing sagging skin leftover from weight loss, or opening up drooping eyelids.

When patients get these things done and still really look like themselves, they feel good. Walden sees this as a way to empower women.

Dr. Walden welcomes men as well, offering hair replacement, liposuction, sculpting, and other procedures that men prefer. No matter who walks in the door, her desire is for them to feel welcome, comfortable, and well-informed. By making patients part of the decision-making process, Walden ensures that they are truly empowered.

Dr. Jennifer Walden was featured as MDMonthly’s July 2017 cover story. Learn more about her at


Whitney Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City. Whitney Wolfe attended the Southern Methodist University, where her major was international studies. While attending Southern Methodist University, Wolfe first displayed her marketing talents selling bamboo bags tote bags for victims of the BP oil spill. The selling of these bags gathered nWhitney Wolfe Joins Hatch Labs

After completing her studies at Southern Methodist University, Wofle took employment at Hatch Labs. While employed at Hatch, Wolfe was instrumental in the startup of Caridify.

Wolfe Began Her Marketing career at Tinder in 2012

After leaving Hatch Labs, Wolfe became the marketing vice-president for the dating app Tinder. She is reportedly responsible for the Tinder logo, a flame, the logo on the Tinder App and the app popularity with students at college campuses.


Whitney Wolfe teamed with Andrey Andreev, and together the two created the dating app, Bumble, a dating app that gives women more control than the typical dating apps. The Bumble app was made available to the public in 2014. Just one year later, the app has over 15 million chats with over 80 million matches. Bumble is the fourth most popular app, trailing behind the number one rated app, Tinder. Last year in 2017, Bumble reported over 22 million registered users.

Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz

Bumble BFF is an update to the favorite dating app, Bumble. Based on the same principles of Bumble, this app is designed for users to meet same-sex friends. After users of the Bumble app switch to BFF mode, people of the same sex appear that you might want to be friends. After both parties have swipe right on the app, they have 24 hours to start a conversation.

Bumble BIzz

Bumble Bizz, a mode in the Bumble app that can is used for professional networking. Using Bumble network of 20 million users, digital resumes, and the use of Bumble HR team, a skills section, and examples of members work. Tinder and Bumble Are Seriously at War


Whitney Wolfe married Texas oil heir Michael Heard on September 24, 2017. They met four years ago on Valentine’s Day in Aspen.

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Market America is a well known and worldwide spread private multi-level marketing company. Ridinger and Loren Ridinger founded it in the year 1992. Its head offices are located in Greensboro, North Carolina U.S. By the year 2016, it had a total number of 800 employees, total assets of $146.1m and generating total revenue of $79.1 m. The company uses a web domain of for its retail purposes which it obtained from the Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Market America has a wide variety of product categories such as home and garden care, automotive care, weight management and health and nutrition. The marketing company also has services such as internet marketing services for small to medium-sized businesses and financial management.

In the year 2008 August the firm announced of its partnering plan of Market America and Imirus to help come up with MA Newsstand. MA Newstand offered both the digital and printed magazines, catalogs, journals, and books. In the year 2008 Market America purchased some shopping comparison firm known as the for an amount which remained a secret to the company. The purchased domain promoted the company to transfer its retailing domain details from to with the target to make an increase in the cash back program.

In the year 1993, the marketing company introduced its department of Isotonix dietary supplement services and included 20 more products. Its primary field of nutraceuticals comprises of 12 well planned and approved formulations by the human health consumption boards. Later in the year 2004, the company made the introduction of a transition lifestyle system weight management.

Since when the company started, it has drastically expanded its services and products to countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom and recently it opened a branch in Malaysia. Market America rewards its distributors with ways to earn income from services such as sales from products, commissions and any successful recruitment of new members.

This is the best company when it comes to spreading your goods or services in the world market. It is well known and trusted by many hence a reliable way to entrust the sales of your products on. 

Aloha Construction is a construction company that came into existence in the year 2008. The company works hard to ensure that they give their clients top rated services. The firm understands that there is no way they can operate without their customers and hence the much effort toward their clients. Due to these efforts, the company’s performances were recognized in 2017 by the Better Business Bureau when they were named the recipient of BBB Torch Award. The award is usually given to those companies that offer exemplary services that are ethically right. There are a number of reasons why the construction company ended up receiving this lifetime award.

One of the many efforts that made Aloha Construction receive the award is the ability to have completed in helping over twenty thousand people by offering them with roofing jobs. All of this happened in 2017 and specifically in Illinois State. This is not a simple thing that can be achieved within such a short period of time, and it is worth the recognition as the panel of the judges at BBB found it fit. These jobs have assisted in ensuring that the residents of Illinois State can receive quality roofing services from the team.

The other thing that Better Business Bureau saw was the steadfast efforts by Aloha construction in putting the issues of the customers as the most critical priorities. It is essential to understand that the company offers roof inspections services for the client at no cost. This is a great way since it is able to help homeowners to know of some damages they had no idea of. With these free inspection services, the customers are able to get their roofs repaired by the companies where they have insured their rooftops way before the end of the agreed timeframe.

Aloha Construction also has also been assisting their clients with better payment plans. This happened when the company came in partnership with Synchrony Financial in 2017. The partnership is another effort to ensure that Aloha Construction is able to serve their customers even better. This also has contributed to Aloha Company receiving the BBB Torch Award.

Fortress Investment Group is a large organization that is reputable for all the right reasons. The company has been in the limelight because of the kind of milestones it has been achieving in the recent times. While most institutions in the market have not been too fortunate with customers, this company has been doing well, and it has even opened several branches in many parts of the world. The success in this company can be attributed to the founders and leaders who have given their all to make sure that clients are happy with the services they are getting. One of the people who have contributed so much in the success achieved by Fortress Investment LCC is Peter Briger. Peter Briger is the perfect definition of an investor who knows how to invest in the right places.

The businessman has been working in the market for a very long time, and this is the primary reason he understands what is happening. Briger works as the principal in one of the leading organizations in the world, and he has even changed the lives of so many investors in the country and other areas of the globe. Peter Briger does not like ignoring any investment opportunity whenever it presents itself. The finance executive has even made it to the list of the wealthiest people in the market because of his hard work and dedication. Not long ago, crypto assets were introduced into the world. Investors from all walks of life were interested in this new investment opportunity, but very few were willing to try and see how things turn out.

There are many finance companies that have been silent about this investment opportunity because they are not sure about the future of the crypto assets.Most of them have decided that they are not going to compromise their investments by showing their clients about this opportunity. Peter Briger and Fortress Investment LCC have been talking about Bitcoins for the longest time now. Briger has said that Bitcoins are a great investment for the modern investor, and people should start investing in them. Bitcoins are a great way of making an income, and this is why Fortress Investment Group is not scared of investing in them. Peter Briger acts as the chairman of the large organization, and he has also been playing a crucial role as a leader. His decisions have assisted the company to reach better milestones.

Fortress Investment Group has been a pacesetter ever since it was a founded as a private equity firm in 1998. This was proved by its initial public offering (IPO) in 2007 when it became the first biggest private equity company to go public on the reputable New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Fortress Investment is currently one of the leading investment management companies that manage assets worth $43 billion for more than 1,750 investors in hedge funds, permanent capital motor vehicles, and private equity. The company is based in the city of New York and it has more than 900 employees.Fortress Investment Group has three able leaders namely Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Peter Briger. Both Randal and Wes are based in New York while Peter is based in San Francisco.The company specializes in several services that include but are not limited to asset-based investing, capital markets, corporate merger and acquisitions, operations management, and knowledge of companies and institutions specific to several sectors.

The asset-based investments that are conducted through credit funds and private equity are composed of holistic assets, such as real estate property, capital, and vehicles with cash flows that are long term. The investment firm has proper tools that are used in acquiring value from its managing investments. Fortress is proficient in assessing the operational, strategic, and structural issues while taking care of their different investment portfolios. For more than two decades, Fortress Investment Group has gained experience and solidified its expertise in conducting mergers and acquisition deals. Its employees are well versed with many corporate board members, managers, stakeholders, and so on. Fortress also specializes in capital market and is one of the leading financial institutions in securing finance through both equity and debt markets.

Fortress Investment Group boasts of high institutional knowledge owing to its tremendous record of managing corporations. Its employees have a wide range of knowledge that is sector specific. The founders of Fortress, Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Peter Briger, had great financial experience from their previous executive roles at BlackRock Financial Management, UBS, Goldman Sachs, and Lehman Brothers. Their main objective was to develop a new type of investment firm meant to increase private equity and invest in advanced vehicles. Under their management, the company grew its assets to 3.9 billion U.S dollars from 400 million dollars within a period of five years. Edens and Nardone are still active in governing the company while Kauffman retired and started car racing.

Whitney Wolfe has aligned herself to become one of the greatest app developers of her era. Is a good thing because she is getting into the world of social media that goes beyond dating apps alone. This is where she cut her teeth on social media, but she realized quickly that this would only be a small stepping stone to a much bigger arena. Whitney Wolfe knows that there are a lot of different possibilities that exist when it comes to capitalizing on a lot of different aspects of social media.

Bumble dating was the initial drawing force, but this company has become so much more. Whitney took the time to build the type of dating app that would lend itself to other aspects of social media like Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. With these other component users can simply turn off Bumble dating and select Bumble BFF to start looking for friends in their area. If it is networking that you desire you can turn off Bumble BFF or Bumble dating and select Bumble Bizz.

The great thing about this is that you do not have to sign up for multiple accounts. Whitney Wolfe recognized that this would be something that would help her draw an audience that did not want a screen filled with apps on their phone. Bumble is the only thing that they need to do all of these different things.

The recently married Whitney Wolfe may still be very young in age, but she is thinking outside of the box. She is someone that has the type of experience that gives her the chance to reach the millennial crowd. She was known for marketing the company that she was previously a co-founder of called Tinder to a college audience.

Now she has an even greater platform where she can market this company that she owns to the next level of entrepreneurs that want to find business partners just as she markets to singles that are looking for dates.

Whitney Wolfe has even had time to do a little dating of her own before Bumble has taken off in the way that it did. She has put her mind to giving people a more ways to engage in social media. The Southern Methodist University graduate is pulling out all the stops and building the 3-tier social media app that caters to many different lifestyles for registers users.

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OSI Food Solutions is a privately owned company based in the state of Illinois. It began in 1909 as a meat market by Otto Kolschowsky. He, and his two sons who later joined in the business, grew it into a wholesale company. Their big break came in 1955 when the two sons relationship with Ray Kroc paid off. Ray Kroc famously turned McDonald’s into a huge company. Back then this company was known as Otto & Sons and they supplied beef to Mcdonald’s locations across the Midwest eventually.

In 1975 this company took on the name of OSI Food Solutions. The two Kolschowsky sons were both ready to retire so they brought in Sheldon Lavin. He was their new partner and this company’s CEO. He soon wholly owned this company having bought out the two sons. He is known for having a large appetite for growth. Whenever McDonald’s entered a new market around the world OSI Food Solutions was there to provide them with ground beef. They have since branched out to offering processed chicken as well and additionally seafood and some vegetables.

In 2018, OSI Food Solutions has expanded its operations in Australia. Their subsidiary, OSI International Foods (Australia) recently performed a merger with Turi Foods. The new company is called Turosi Pty Ltd. Both of these companies share similar cultures and expertise. They will supply food to fast food restaurants, roast chicken stores, butcher shops, and specialty chicken retailers. David McDonald of OSI Food Solutions said that by merging these two companies they will realize greater growth and more innovative ways of providing solutions to their clients.

It was in March 2018 that this company opened its 65th facility. They now have facilities in nations such as America, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, China, and India. This companies strongest growth has been in Asia in the past several years, although they have also expanded their reach in other regions around the world. They have become the biggest supplier of processed chicken in China, for example, which can be found in companies there like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Subway among others. A large part of their growth is their ability to offered customized options to their customers. They also have a very good reputation for delivering safe food that is processed and delivered in an increasingly environmentally responsible fashion.

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The extravagance sale e-commerce location that runs a pop up in Las Vegas and a brick-and-mortar site in SoHo has decided to go an extra mile and add various beauty products to its collections. However, over the holiday period, the products have been in the market especially in the SoHo stores as well as in the Las Vegas post. According to Rati Levesque, who is the principal wholesaler at The Real Real, there is a test that is currently been done on the restorative selection of the beauty products on both the brick-and-mortar locations and online. All this is done to complete the client’s journey.

The principal wholesaler also said that it would be their dream that luxury clients choose them as a reliable last stop to the most prestigious choices of luxury products through all groups from beauty to clothing because currently, they are in the first phases, however, they are scheduling to invest more in the category in future months.

According to sources, the products that are new on the market are in contrast to the business model based on shipment from The Real Real. Consistent with the Real Real’s workable luxury placing, products that are been retailed are of the Clean beauty range. The retailed brands include; Babo Botanicals, Joanna Vargas, Rahua, Pai Skincare, Ellis Brooklyn, Olio E Osso, Maison Louis Marie, In Foire, Kahina Giving Beauty, Uma Oils, Cap Beauty and Grown Alchemist.

When digging into the beauty space, The Real Real is the most recent clothing retailer. Industry professionals approve that the best way to appeal clients to Brick-and-mortar stores is through beauty and endorsing brand positioning. The Real Real is also said to be eyeing the same. Due to last year’s beauty creativities from, Free People, Madewell, and Anthropologies, Forever 21 launched eight Riley Rose stores which paid attention to the internet-born Millennial-friendly products.

On an interview with WWD in October, Julie Wainwright, the founder, and the chief executive said that the lines are getting cloudy a little but they are speaking to various persons and soon they will be getting their beauty and home brands that need to sell new products in their store.

The Brown Modeling Agency is an astonishing and constantly progressing modeling and Fashion Company that has been on the rise to iconic status while dazzling its admirers through its journey. The modeling and talent agency founded in the summer of 2015 by a “Ms. Wilhelmina Austin” has developed to become a leading business and image since its launching. The United States Texas-based company has created unforeseen and exclusive outlooks for the fashion industry that has placed the name of the company on levels higher than expected. The business has worked with worldwide, multi-dollar businesses such as the car company “Toyota”, the cosmetics business “L’oreal”, “Dell” and many more. As expected, the succeeding and expanding model and talent agency has graced the covers of other fashion magazines, and famous well-known runways and events. Events such as “Dallas Fashion Week” and “New York Fashion Week”. Check out their website



In 2010, in Dallas, Texas the fashion company has used its quite interesting strategy of using new and fresh models and talent that has thrown the company’s name high on the Austin ranks. From varieties of talents, as well as using innovative and dissimilar types of fabric that stand out, and a different outlook on presentation brought the company more fame and recognition from their runway show while adding to such a grand compilation, the company brought in some of the best designers to collaborate on the event.




To stay ahead of the game and maintain a suitable stance in the industry, the company formerly known as “Wilhemina Austin” was changed in the autumn of 2015 to “The Brown Agency”. Partnered with a company named “Heyman Talent-South” the two multi-giants were able to represent and present strength and abilities that in turn brought them more distinction. Today “The Brown Agency” is said to be the leading commercial talent and modeling agency in the south of the United States.

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