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One of the issues that have vexed modern society has been its apparent inability to make large technological strides outside of the realm of computation. While computers have continued to follow Moore’s law, roughly doubling in processor strength every two and a half years, many other areas and not seen significant technological innovation or improvement for the last 60 years. Although there are different reasons posited for this stagnation in technological development, many people believe that technology that is now in development will once again pick up the pace of innovation and life-changing technological inventions.

One of those people is Jason Hope, Arizona’s most famous internet entrepreneur. After having founded Jawa, the first premium mobile content streaming service, Hope went on to have a highly lauded career, starting dozens of successful startups and becoming one of the most renowned internet entrepreneurs of his generation.

But recently, Hope has been discussing the merits and the potential issues raised by the coming technologies of the Internet of Things. Hope has often tackled the issue of technological stagnation. He has pointed out that, even though technologies driven by computation, such as artificial intelligence, smartphones and relational database technologies, have seen dramatic improvements over the last 30 to 40 years, many other technologies have become largely stagnant in their progress.

Hope points out that, for example, the passenger airliners of the late 1950s were in many ways not just as capable as modern airliners but even more capable. Hope cites the fact that a Boeing 707 actually had a considerably higher top speed than many modern airliners. Other aircraft used in the late 50s for domestic routes, such as a Convair 880, had even higher top speeds then the Boeing 707, actually making them dramatically faster than current airliners used on common domestic routes.

Hope says that most people are simply unaware of the fact that the speed of jet travel has actually decreased over the last 60 years. He points out that trends in other industries have seen scant improvement, if not outright declines. Hope says that, while modern cars often get superior gas mileage to their 1960s counterparts, an automobile like a 1967 corvette Stingray was capable of outperforming most modern vehicles in a wide variety of categories. Again, this is an example of an area where technology has arguably not improved much, if at all,

But common sense would seem to indicate that both of these areas should have seen dramatic improvement. After all, they had 60 years in which to do it, a period of time over which computers went from being a nonentity to the driver of almost all major business processes.

But Hope believes that, with the introduction of the Internet of Things, the rate of technological innovation will once again pick up.

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Consumer purchases on various products are widely influenced by the “power of the crowd”. Today, customers tend to pay more attention to product reviews to finally influence their purchasing decision, and more so, trusting such reviews as though they were personal recommendations. Research has proven that trendy brands have been capitalizing on this rapid shift in consumer behavior to promote marketing strategies.


Fabletics has emerged as one of the most reputable brands capitalizing on the consumer shift based on their marketing strategies. Since its inception in 2013, the company has radically grown by over 200% to attain the $235 million mark in revenues generated from over a million of its members. According to Shawn Gold, TechStyle Fashion Group Corporate Marketing Officer, credits the company’s success to its open-minded customer base.


In essence, Fabletics has achieved an astronomical landmark by leveraging the power of customer reviews the current market. According to reliable statistics, consumer reviews directly trigger customer acquisition while customer retention solely depended on improved loyalty.


Are Customer Reviews Much Reliable?


Typically, today’s customer spends adequate time living s digital life while online reviews play an integral role in their final decision-making process. Often, people research various businesses before opting to purchase a product and even crowdsource various reviews before spending their hard earned money.

  • Trust: A recent study revealed that 84% of interviewed people trusted online reviews just as much as personal recommendation from a reliable friend. According to Peter Holten Muhlmann, Trustpilot Founder, trust has significantly taken a major hit and customers just don’t have much faith in the traditional advertising and marketing techniques previously used in the past. Fortunately, customer feedback has progressively earned back the much needed trust and power into the hands of customers.
  • Frequent Use: Based on the research, over half of the respondents researched a business opportunity at least once a month, which was a 23% increment over the year. Additionally. Half of the respondents regularly read reviews while over 60% concluded that negative reviews made them turn down various products.


Positive Reviews contribute to Great Power


It’s common knowledge that authentic reviews boost a business’ returns. Not only do they improve search rankings but also attract more customers leading to increased revenue. Every effective business strategy incorporates reviews into offerings, just as customer service retains and attracts loyal customers leading to improved customer acquisition investment.


The Potential for Review Options


As customers seek more reviews, brands have been tapping into the economies of scale associated with large crowds. According to SeekingAlpha, accumulative reviews significantly grew by 26% while app users recorded a 22% increment.


Kate Hudson’s Impact on Fabletics Greatness


Kate Hudson’s celebrity status has undoubtedly contributed to Fabletics unprecedented success. Apart from just being an athleisure brand, Fabletics has stayed true to its core goal of empowering women to look and feel good regardless of their shape or size. With the aid of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, the trio successfully turned an idea into a profitable business venture worth over $2 million. Kate Hudson’s immediately hit the ground running by being involved in the review of budgets and the identification of a social media marketing strategy.

An Overview of Seattle Genetics Inc.


Seattle Genetics is a great company that has its primary goal set on providing drugs that facilitate therapy to the cancer patients. Outside their building, you will see a symbol of a human antibody alluding to the rigorous research work they are engaged in, using the human antibody in pursuit of better health for the cancer patients.

Clay Siegall is the Chief Executive Officer, the chairman of the board and the president of the Seattle Genetics Inc. that provides cancer therapy. The organization is said to offer twelve cancer therapy drugs and one approved medication product called Adcentris.


According to Doctor Clay, the drugs offered by his company stand out above others in the industry because of the formulation and how these drugs work. The standard cancer treatment aims at the destruction of all the dividing cells whether bad or good, or healthy or unhealthy cells. Such, a scenario is not good because the healthy and good cells should be preserved. He states that at Seattle Genetics the approach is different. The therapies are subdivided into three treatments. One focuses on the immune system, the second on the outside of the cell and the final inside the cell. With such determined and individual treatments, the healthy ones are spared the harm. And that remains the heart and objective of the Seattle Inc., to keep researching and offering evidence based cancer treatments.


The Person Clay Siegall


Clay’s love for research and evidence based treatment originated from his teenage experience when his father was diagnosed with brain cancer. At nineteen, he would sometimes accompany his father to oncologist where he would gain an opportunity to ask some questions about cancer therapies and treatment. His inquisitive nature and desire to see health restored among cancer patients became his motivation to pursue medicine and research.


Clay Siegall is a Ph.D. holder of George Washington University. This university works in close collaboration with National Institute of Health (NIH) where he did his internship. Furthermore, he had an opportunity for a two-year’ doctoral fellowship at NIH in a full-time position. It is while there that he got the chance to publish his research papers related to cancer research. Notably, he remained focused on cancer therapies, and none of the pharmaceutical companies whose focus is not cancer treatment would derail him from his goals through offering him a job.

The finance sector is one that has been greatly affected by changes in technology over time. As such, its products keep evolving and clients need to keep up with the trends to make the most of it. Acquisition of funds is one of the most hectic parts of any business. Native money providers such as banks, micro-finances and other financial institutions have too many requirements and delay which may slow down business operations. However, individuals and business can now rest easy with the Equities First Holdings. This is a global company that offers alternative financial solutions to its clients and more information click here.

At Equities First Holdings, loans are based on stocks, bonds or treasuries held. When one approaches them, they evaluate the risk and future performance of the stocks. If they deem the stocks as viable collateral, the client transfers the shares to Equities First and gets the money immediately. That’s the only procedure involved which makes loan acquisition very efficient and fast. There is no other place you can get capital that easily. It gets better, should the stocks appreciate during the loan period, you retains 100% of the stock market value once it matures. That ensures your security as a borrower.

The loans are usually at a fixed interest of 3% and 4% with loan-to-value ratios of up to 75%. They are also non-purpose. This means that Equities First will not ask you “what will do with our money?” The money given is all yours and you can use it for absolutely anything you need may it be business, off-setting other debts or even that holiday you’ve always wanted to take. This is one of the reasons why clients prefer Equities First Holdings, given that most of the other financial institutions require that you disclose purpose of the loan and what Equities First Holdings knows.

Founded in 2002, Equities Holding has been serving businesses and high net-worth individuals enabling them to finance their business and individual ventures. This is made possible by their great committed team. Al Christy Jr. is the President and chairman of Equities First Holdings and has extensive experience and expertise in finance. He is based at the UK office. The headquarters of Equities First are in Indianapolis, Indiana and its Linkedin.

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Cancer is a menace that is not new to this evolving world and for many years has caused suffering among many of its patients. Cancer occurs when a group of diseases that involve abnormal cell growth with a potential of spreading throughout the body emerge. That is why scientists all over the globe came up with Oncology. Oncology is a branch of science that conducts thorough research on cancer and its causative agents. Oncology is basically a wide term that can be divided into 3 subdivisions namely; surgical oncology, radiation oncology, and medical oncology.In oncology, the medical expert commonly referred to as an oncologist, carries out intensive research on the prevention, diagnosis, and cure of cancerous cells. Oncology basically involves numerous tests that try to study the abnormal growth and ways to deal with it. MRI, Tumour markers, CT Scans and TNM staging are some of the significant test carried out in the process of studying cancer.

This is where Oncortarget comes in to help patients and every other person gain more knowledge and insight about this menace, cancer. Established in 2010, Oncortarget, issued weekly, is a peer reviewed medical journal that covers everything about oncology. Blagosklonny Mikhail and Andrei V. Gudkov are the editors in chief of Oncortarget, a journal published in English by Impact Journals.Oncortarget itself is a term that includes everything to do with molecules, pathways, and functions of the cell common in cancer and aging. With this, an Oncortarget main objective is to help cancer patients together with the cancer experts to deal with and overcome the disease. Oncortarget does this by allowing every information gathered or collected by any researcher is shared quickly to others so that it may be used by many. Oncortarget also tries to do this by eliminating borders between specialties and link different fields of biomedical science.

Under experts like Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov, Oncortarget, hopes that all researchers contribute to the progress of science and people live a life without illnesses. Andrei V. Gudkov, for instance, is a prominent researcher in the field of cancer who holds both a Ph.D. and a Doctorate in Science. Andrei V. Gudkov is currently working at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. At Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Andrei Gudkov is responsible for building and translating research strengths of the Cell Stress Biology Program. This simply entails research on DNA damage and repair, photodynamic therapy and immune modulation, among others.Oncortarget has been gaining popularity over the few years of its existence and Oncortarget’s team attributes this to the numerous peer reviews. Oncortarget team says that multiple peer review that is insightful and constructive has made the journal’s authors increase the impact of their research. Due to this Oncortarget, has also decided to talk about topics outside Oncology. Some of these topics include; Metabolism, Cardiology, Neuroscience and many others. At this pace, Oncortarget will truly change the lives of many across the globe.

Lori Senecal, the global CEO of CP+B, has been instrumental in advancing the agency’s global interests. She joined the agency in 2015 to oversee the global growth and expansion of CP+B as well as to manage the agency’s ten international offices. Many, including the agency’s co-founder and chairman Chuck Porter, would agree that her work has been superb. During her tenure, the agency won some notable clients such as American Airlines and Hershey’s. A year after she joined CP+B, the agency’s revenues rose by 21%. However, Lori will no longer be part of CP+B as she plans to retire towards the end of 2017. She also intends to quit the ad business. As Lori Senecal prepares to retire, Porter and Lori are looking for a potential candidate who will fill her position. The duo is also involved in developing the next generation of leaders who will take over the management of CP+B.

CP+B recently promoted Danielle Aldrich. According to Ad Week, Aldrich has been working with the agency for the last 14 years. Before her promotion, she worked at the agency’s headquarter offices in Boulder. Aldrich is now the president of CP+B West; she will be managing CP+B Los Angeles and CP+B Boulder. Lori stated that the agency’s global offices are under entrepreneurs who are keen on expanding CP+B’s global presence. Lori recognizes Aldrich as one of those entrepreneurial leaders who will make CP+B proud. Aldrich’s promotion came in the wake of the agency’s winning American Airlines, and she is partly credited for that.

Bloomberg reveals, Lori had worked in different organizations in different capacities. Before becoming CP+B’s global CEO, Lori was the global Chairman and CEO of KBS. Her performance at KBS must have caught Porter’s attention who decided to make her part of CP+B. Lori made KBS an international company and increased the number of its staff members tremendously. Porter says that he brought Lori in because of her “management genius” and organizational strengths. He praises her for being an excellent partner and a friend to him. He adds that since she joined the agency, clients have been trickling in and no clients have left the agency.


Amicus Therapeutics, Inc (In Nasdaq: FOLD) is right now a leading global biotechnology company that is successfully at the forefront of the thriving advanced therapies that attempt to address and treat the range of devastating orphan and rare diseases in the world. The range of pipeline treatment developed by the company proves promising for the genetic diseases that challenge the civil society today.


Leading Products


Right now the major and leading product by Amicus Therapeutics is the highly customized medicine, migalastat, which is now in its late-stage of development in treating individuals diagnosed with Fabry disease that is based on their genetics.


Another potential high-ticket product in the company is the SD-101, which promises excellent remedy for those people suffering from connective tissue disorder Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).


There is also another uniquely structured Pompe disease ERT under the pipeline of the company called ATB200/AT2221 and will provide even more quality reputation for the enterprise. These products are what make the company one of the top inventive research firms today.


The Rise and Goal of Amicus Therapeutics


The biotechnology company is right now making sure that rare and orphan diseases are not left unaddressed (,-NJ-jobs.html). The growth of the Amicus Therapeutics credits itself from the platform technologies that their researchers developed for people living with such unimaginable rare and debilitating diseases


The goal of the company is simple: to provide care and to make sure that the innovative treatments of the firm reflect in the clinical programs and the public view of the company. This is in relation to the mission of Amicus to make meaningful contributions to the lives of patients and their caregivers.


Work With Amicus


There are numerous career opportunities with Amicus Therapeutics, and the inventive and purposeful vision of the company makes sure that the efforts of the employees are appreciated. The company also stands out in its advocacy for being an Equal Opportunity Employer that will not judge applicants on their qualities based on race, sex, religion, color, national origin, disability, age or any other attributes protected by applicable state, federal and local laws.


Amicus Therapeutics has its headquarters at 1 Cedar Brook Drive Cranbury in NJ 08512, United States, with 201-500 passionate employees.


Arthritis is a very common disease that is actually made up of 100 different types of it. There are over 50 million adults in the United States who have arthritis. Arthritis affects women more often than men and it shows up in larger numbers as people get older. As it turns out the most common cause of disability is one of the forms of arthritis.

While there are many forms of arthritis the main one that stands out is osteoarthritis. This is a degenerative joint disease which causes cartilage – the soft tissue between joints – to degenerate. Once this happens bone starts to rub against bone which is very painful as well as resulting in stiffness and swelling in the affected joints. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease but there are options for managing the pain and helping people who suffer from it to live a better quality of life.

One of the companies that are helping people deal with osteoarthritis is the Osteo Relief Institute located on the Jersey Shore. They help patients throughout Monmouth County as well as the areas surrounding it. One of their main specialties is in osteoarthritis affecting the knees of their patients.

At Osteo Relief Institute they can help people who are at both the beginning stages of osteoarthritis as well as those whose conditions have advanced to a very serious level. They use the most technologically advanced equipment and therapies in order to provide patients relief from their conditions. The introductory screenings that they provide are free of charge and offer the patient the treatment options that are available.

Even as people age they want to stay active and live without discomfort. There are several procedures that can be used on osteoarthritis that can be used singly or in concert ( Osteo Relief Institute tries every option that is available to provide this relief so that patients can avoid invasive surgery as a last resort.

At Osteo Relief Institute they also show patients how to perform exercises that can help strengthen their leg muscles, especially the quadriceps, which can help with knee pain. They can also perform nonsurgical injections for pain relief so that patients can be more comfortable while they perform the exercises and/or go about their regular days.


Eli Gershkovitch is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Steamwork Group of Companies. Eli Gershkovitch is also a brewery veteran who runs the multi-million company. His advice and decisions have shaped the business index of the company towards achieving a greater need to sustain market analysis. For the past few years, he has amassed a great amount of profit for the company due to his skills in attracting Millennials to take over drinking as a whole. This is a trend he noted from the immense drinking culture portrayed by the Millennials ( Eli Gershkovitch is also considered as the best CEO in the brewery industry.


Eli Gershkovitch has always believed in the motto that states that you must grow to meet demand. If you don’t grow, you will shrink to meet the demand. While the summer sun is about to take over the new generation of drinkers, it is high time the industry revolutionized their ways of thinking, research conducted with the Millennials suggest that they prefer drinking the less-prominent brands going by the name craft breweries as opposed to the older generation who love older brands. We have also seen the craft breweries increase in number to take residence in almost every residential neighborhood. While this means the industry is growing, it is high time the older-generation breweries take action on the trend.


Since Steamworks Brewery was opened in 1995, when these operations were not the same, Eli Gershkovitch built a floor for the company to take over the millennial industry. Perhaps this was the best thing he ever did for the company to ensure it sustained a longer lifetime. Eli Gershkovitch also set up a liquor shop at the Waterfront Station before developing the Wetbar and the Rogue Kitchen.


Eli Gershkovitch is also a professional lawyer ( Let us not think that his law degree has not been put to good use while he manages the company. His former practice included legal representation for liquor licenses. This means he is in a good position to understand the laws and regulations in this industry. He still practices law as a business owner.


Glen Wakeman is a man with a passion for helping people, entrepreneurs to be exact. He uses his 20 plus years in the field to share his knowledge with entrepreneurs just starting out. He gives them the tools to fast track their path to success with tools of the trade. This successful businessman uses a proven methodology to help his clients succeed. The 5 key dimensions of performance are assessed and improved. They are Leadership, Risk Assessment, Human Capital, Governance, and Execution. With these five factors, Glen can really look at a company’s strengths and weaknesses and work on them.

This is how this dynamic entrepreneur got started and the success he gained in his professional life. Glen Wakeman got his start at the University of Scranton and received his Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance in 1981. Later he gets his MBA at the University of Chicago in 1993. With a solid foundation and strong education, Glen was ready to face the world head on. He held many high ranking positions at big companies including GE Capital. Glen worked with this company in business management and P&L roles for over 21 years. Later in his career at GE Capital, he was the Chief Executive Officer for the GE Money Latin America. From the ground up he built 9 country operations exceeding 17,000 employees, $100 million in annual earnings, and $12 billion in assets ( He even built over 1000 network of branches. Not a small feat and must have taken a lot of hard work. Glen also rose the ranks and became the President, Board Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Doral Financial Corporation. He founded Nova Four, a system to help business accelerate their growth tremendously ( Glen Wakeman is currently the founder and Chief Executive Officer of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. This company is a fully automated software that helps entrepreneurs get started on their business with a workable plan. It makes it easy for those who are needing direction getting their ideas into a path to success. It was founded in 2015 and has been widely successful with budding entrepreneurs.

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