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OSI Food Solutions is a privately owned company based in the state of Illinois. It began in 1909 as a meat market by Otto Kolschowsky. He, and his two sons who later joined in the business, grew it into a wholesale company. Their big break came in 1955 when the two sons relationship with Ray Kroc paid off. Ray Kroc famously turned McDonald’s into a huge company. Back then this company was known as Otto & Sons and they supplied beef to Mcdonald’s locations across the Midwest eventually.

In 1975 this company took on the name of OSI Food Solutions. The two Kolschowsky sons were both ready to retire so they brought in Sheldon Lavin. He was their new partner and this company’s CEO. He soon wholly owned this company having bought out the two sons. He is known for having a large appetite for growth. Whenever McDonald’s entered a new market around the world OSI Food Solutions was there to provide them with ground beef. They have since branched out to offering processed chicken as well and additionally seafood and some vegetables.

In 2018, OSI Food Solutions has expanded its operations in Australia. Their subsidiary, OSI International Foods (Australia) recently performed a merger with Turi Foods. The new company is called Turosi Pty Ltd. Both of these companies share similar cultures and expertise. They will supply food to fast food restaurants, roast chicken stores, butcher shops, and specialty chicken retailers. David McDonald of OSI Food Solutions said that by merging these two companies they will realize greater growth and more innovative ways of providing solutions to their clients.

It was in March 2018 that this company opened its 65th facility. They now have facilities in nations such as America, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, China, and India. This companies strongest growth has been in Asia in the past several years, although they have also expanded their reach in other regions around the world. They have become the biggest supplier of processed chicken in China, for example, which can be found in companies there like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Subway among others. A large part of their growth is their ability to offered customized options to their customers. They also have a very good reputation for delivering safe food that is processed and delivered in an increasingly environmentally responsible fashion.

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The extravagance sale e-commerce location that runs a pop up in Las Vegas and a brick-and-mortar site in SoHo has decided to go an extra mile and add various beauty products to its collections. However, over the holiday period, the products have been in the market especially in the SoHo stores as well as in the Las Vegas post. According to Rati Levesque, who is the principal wholesaler at The Real Real, there is a test that is currently been done on the restorative selection of the beauty products on both the brick-and-mortar locations and online. All this is done to complete the client’s journey.

The principal wholesaler also said that it would be their dream that luxury clients choose them as a reliable last stop to the most prestigious choices of luxury products through all groups from beauty to clothing because currently, they are in the first phases, however, they are scheduling to invest more in the category in future months.

According to sources, the products that are new on the market are in contrast to the business model based on shipment from The Real Real. Consistent with the Real Real’s workable luxury placing, products that are been retailed are of the Clean beauty range. The retailed brands include; Babo Botanicals, Joanna Vargas, Rahua, Pai Skincare, Ellis Brooklyn, Olio E Osso, Maison Louis Marie, In Foire, Kahina Giving Beauty, Uma Oils, Cap Beauty and Grown Alchemist.

When digging into the beauty space, The Real Real is the most recent clothing retailer. Industry professionals approve that the best way to appeal clients to Brick-and-mortar stores is through beauty and endorsing brand positioning. The Real Real is also said to be eyeing the same. Due to last year’s beauty creativities from, Free People, Madewell, and Anthropologies, Forever 21 launched eight Riley Rose stores which paid attention to the internet-born Millennial-friendly products.

On an interview with WWD in October, Julie Wainwright, the founder, and the chief executive said that the lines are getting cloudy a little but they are speaking to various persons and soon they will be getting their beauty and home brands that need to sell new products in their store.

External or rather other people’s opinion can sometimes confuse one’s decisions. According to one experienced investment advisor Igor Cornelsen, he believes in making his mind with facts than views. Born in Curitiba, Brazil on October 4th, 1947. He is an engineer from the Federal University of Panama. At the time of his admission, Parama had a very competitive protocol when it comes to admitting its students since it was an only engineering school in the entire state of Parana.

Barely two years in the engineering class, Igor decided to leave engineering for economics at the very same institution. In 1940, Igor acquired his degree and secured a job at a bank. This practice was prevalent with engineers during those days, as their ability to compute compound interest was amazing. The skill was precious in those days as computers and calculators were not widely used as it is in present days.

Due to his expertise in the investment sector, Igor ended up in Rio as an Investment Banker. He would later be promoted to be among the board of directors in 1974 at Multibanco. Where later he became the CEO. Two years after becoming the CEO, Multibanco was acquired by the bank of America hence prompting Igor Cornelsen to look for other opportunities. The first to present itself was Unibanco, a reputable Brazilian investment firm. 1985 saw inflation rate explode and therefore Igor moved to work with a London Merchant Bank by the name Libra Bank PLC. For the first time in his career, Igor’s salary was paid in US Dollars, a point that he described as one of his interesting during his career.

Igor Cornelsen began seeing the world of investment from a new perspective. This world full of investment opportunities. As his success keep on rising, Igor decided to start an investment firm whose services were similar to those of London Merchant Investment Banks. Igor holds an investment manager position in his firm. The idea of him starting an investment firm was a result of his experience in the field. Igor’s advice to the upcoming managers is to acquire information and pay less attention to participants.

The Mississippi architect community commended one of their own for receive an outstanding and lifetime award for his continue innovation and worked in the industry. Robert Ivy-FAIA has decades of experience in architect world, and he is The Americans Institutes of Architects Vice President and Chief Executive Office. The Mississippi Institutes of the Arts and Letters that is a non-profit institute has a mandate of giving the award to exceptional entrepreneurs in different fields.

Robert Ivy received the outstanding Noel Polks Lifetimes Achievements Award due to bring close advice and architectural design to people of Mississippi, and it’s the first time an architect has received such honor. The award is given to artists who show extraordinary creativity that leads to supporting and also performing of artwork in their body of work.

CEO Robert Ivy joined the group of other distinguished Mississippians from different industries, and they include Shelby Foote who was a writer and received the award in 2004. Actor Morgan Freeman represented the entertainment industry, and he was awarded POLK in 2007 while in art industry the late artist Walter Anderson was honored with POLK in 1989. Singer Leontyne Price, a legendary in the entertainment industry, got the award in 2000.

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The MIAL President Nancy LaForge he praised Robert for his dedication and being the greatest ambassador for the architect industry and opening to the public a direct way of knowing more about architecture. Ivy is famous for his role as an author and commentator who writes on different matters about architecture both nationally and globally. He is a Mississippi native who has received numerous awards for his outstanding services with latest being the professional achievement award.

Robert Ivy was the Chief Editor of McGraw Hills Records until 2011, and during his tenor, he moved the Architectural Record to heights of success.

He enabled the Architectural Record to become globally disseminated making it a prestigious and outstanding architectural journal. The company received awards for its excellence output to the society at large winning the National Magazine Awards. Robert was behind the McGraw Hills large expansion plan having designed the stunning company building in the Middle East and China. He led to the expansion of the Mandarin Version of Architectural Records.

Robert Ivy Fay Jones is his authoritative biography that started in 2001 and has over three editions in the market. The book aims at showcasing of different architectural works of Frank Wright a well known American architect devotee.

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The news is buzzing all across the financial industry. Trans Union has a new Chief Legal Officer. The name of the new Chief Legal Officer is Heather Russell. Russell is the perfect person for this position with Trans Union. She is backed with 20 years of experience in the financial industry. Her background and financial expertise will lead TransUnion to more success in the future. Leaders at Trans Union agree that Russell is a very confident leader with just the right mix of experience to successfully become a part of the leadership team at the company.


Heather Russell

Heather Russell is very excited about her new position at Trans Union. The new position as Chief Legal Officer gives Heather Russell the opportunity to develop new strategies for success with the information service organization. Certainly, her financial services background is an excellent match for her new position with the organization.



Heather Russell has a very different and diverse background that should bring new perspectives to the organization. Before joining Trans Union, Heather Russell worked at the Buckley Sandler, LLP, law firm. Russell was very involved with a commanding leadership role with the law firm. It is also important to note that Heather Russel worked with several banking organizations before working for the law firm. In addition, Russell has an excellent educational background that prepares her for her role at Trans Union, which includes a law degree that was received from the American University’s Washington College of Law and an undergraduate degree from the College Of William And Mary.

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It is hard not to have heard about AvaTrade. The broker from Ava Group of companies has been in existence since 2006. AvaTrade has broadened their boundaries over the course of the years making it international. The forex and CFDs trading broker is not limited to any clients except where the laws of the land do not allow this form of trade.


Just like any other online brokerage platform, some things are of importance. For one, the customer service. Any trader wants to be able to contact the company in case of any challenges, and technical failures occur. AvaTrade boasts of being there for its customers; its customer support is in several languages. Besides, telephone support, one can email, fax, live chat or look at the FAQ page for any inquiries.


Another factor that traders look at in a broker is the types of trading platforms that are available. A trader wants flexibility when it comes to online trading platforms. AvaTrader offers MetaTrader 4, Meta Trader for the web, Mac, Mobile trading and for floating spreads. The broker also has a proprietary platform and their very own AvaTradeAct. With automated trading software such as API Trading, ZuluTrade, Robox and Mirror Trader, AvaTrader tends to everyone’s trading needs.


Next, traders will often want to know the Regulation and reputation of a broker. AvaTrader meets this requirement as it is regulated by the ASIC, FSA, FSB and the Central Bank of Ireland. These bodies ensure and put a stamp on AvaTrader’s legitimacy and trustworthiness.


AvaTrader has a bonus and promotion system that entices any trader. For beginners, there is a huge sign-up bonus of up to $14000 and for its traders a referral bonus of $75 to $400. With such kind of bonus system, it is hard not to become part of AvaTrade.


AvaTrader is not all about business. It also wants to turn people into better traders and earn more. The broker firm, therefore, offers several learning resources ranging from eBooks, video tutorials to education sites.


AvaTrade has been recognized over the years for its efforts in online Forex and CFDs trading. The firm has been awarded several awards including Best Alert System, Best Customer Support among others. AvaTrader’s experience in trading is one to exploit for traders of all levels. With this AvaTrade review, you are ready to start trading with AvaTrader.

The Chainsmokers started with their underground work that continue to rock the local crowds. They both seem to feel that their skills introduced them to a lifestyle of fun. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart teamed up to be the duo that fans were asking for.

Now, they are considered professional and are included with all the award shows and musical interviews. The remarkable group have worked hard to continue to put out the music that makes them unique. The astonishing sounds they create on turn tables introduce them to a style that places them on the Top 40 Billboards.

They are now mainstream and are scheduled for tour dates to perform their smashing new single, “Sick Boy” that is available on iTunes for purchase. They are constantly promoting and thinking about what they will need for their next song or project. The group has more to say and a lot of art to express. With their sensational strategies, they will be a group that could be the modern day Run DMC or Beastie Boys.

They love to keep the interest of their fans and wait for feedback before making their next move or music. With their opinions in mind, the two feel that the interpretation that the crowd receives is the painting of their own lives. They become their own canvas owner. You can say that The Chainsmokers makes the songs and their own art work, the fans will choose what invisible color spectrum the words and instrumentation led them to create a canvas of their own. They can choose to become well-known or stay local and make their art work apart of their family wall art.

The Chainsmokers have been able to share their art in the world by being chosen to work with more artist that are mainstream. Their projects afforded them to be in the studios with such artists as Beyoncé, Future, August Alsina, Pharrell, and Rihanna. Now, in 2018, their are more chances for the group to open for more professional acts and tour with those who have a long history in the music industry.

Robert Ivy is the chief executive officer and EVP of the famous American Institute of Architects. He is expected to receive an award from Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, MIAL for a Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This is the first time in history that an architect will be receiving Polk Award. This is an award given to Mississippi-connected art partisans and artists. They show extraordinary skills in creating, supporting, and performing arts. Robert Ivy will be among the distinguished individuals in Mississippi honored with such an award. Among these people includes actor Morgan Freeman, late artist Walter Anderson, writer Shelby Foote, and singer Leontyne Price among others.

The president of MIAL, Nancy LaForge praised Robert Ivy for being an accessible architect to the public in Mississippi. He is known to be a commentator, writer, and an author on architecture in the world. He is taking his place in the list as part the honorees for Noel Polk Award. Robert is an all-time chief executive officer for AIA since the year 2011. Being an author, a practicing architect, and editor, Robert is a great ambassador in the architect profession. The award is a crown of his professional and personal accomplishments in the land of Mississippi. The institute president passed the gratitude towards this achievement by Robert saying that they are delighted to congratulate him for the unique honor.

Earlier on, Robert Ivy worked as the editor-in-chief for Architectural Record of McGraw Hill. This was before he joined in 2011. He left a legacy and great improvement in the Architectural Record. It became the most shared architectural journal in the world and was awarded numerous awards for general excellence in the National Magazine Award. Among other achievements at McGraw Hill was the launch of Mandarin version of Architectural Record during the expansive growth in China. He led in construction and design media. Under his current leadership at AIA, the institute has undergone significant growth that made it rise in membership level with a history of over 160 years. Other awards that he has received is Alpha Rho Chi from the national architect family. This is due to his effectiveness in bringing out the value of design. Robert won another award from University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture for 2017Dean’s Medal. He is set to officially receive his Lifetime Achievement Award in an event at Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. The event is scheduled to be on June 2.

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About Fortress Investment Group LLC.

Wesley R. Edens. Randal Nardone and Robert Kauffman came together in 1998 to form a company known as Fortress Investment Group LLC. The company has its headquarters in New York City. It has also expanded its operations to Great Lakes.Fortress Investment LLC is a pure private equity firm. It deals with various investment management around the globe. These investment plans involve areas such as liquid markets, credit, private equity and the like. The company has high experience in its work which has enabled to have $43.6 billion worth of property in its management.Why Fortress Investment Group is efficient in its work.The experience that Fortress Group Investment has acquired over the years in the management of asset-based investments is vast.

The experience has helped the company to involve itself in extensive investment over a broad variety of assets which result in high profits.The excellent organization of the company’s workers organized where each specifies in the areas allocated. It helps them to put all their effort and be productive in their areas of specialization. Functional relationships between Fortress and other leading organizations allows the company to grow in its skills and knowledge which makes its investment activities easy.Complex investments have many challenges that arise from different areas. Therefore, Fortress has come up with ways that are effective in dealing with these challenges. As a result, the company gets the best returns from its investments.Fortress deals with mergers and acquisition, an area where it is highly competent. It helps the company to relate to company boards or other individuals. As a result, a good investment plan is realized. Its experience in this area also eases up the carrying out of the plan.

SoftBank Group acquires Fortress Investment Group.A $3.3 billion worth of money was recently given by the SoftBank Group (SBG) to Fortress management. The closure of the transaction happened on July 12, 2017. SoftBank Group acquired Fortress as its owner on December 27, 2017. Fortress’ financial outcomes will now appear on the SBG’s financial reports since the consolidation process has already taken place.Fortress has been removed by the New York Stock Exchange from the common stock trade list. It was after Fortress ceased to trade. Fortress Investment Group had outstanding shares which are now owned by the SBG after the acquisition. The class A shares have to be paid for at the price of $8.08 for each share.SoftBank Group has Masayoshi Son, a visionary leader, as its founder. The company is dealing with a wide range of operations. It has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Therefore, SBG is highly advantaged in its acquisition of Fortress seeing that plans are already underway for the expansion of its activities into the United States. The plans include the SoftBank Vision Fund worth $100 billion. SoftBank Vision Fund is a technology fund that has been established by SBG in partnership with Saudi Arabia. It is intended that half of the fund will be used for investments in the U.S.A.

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While multiple global retail industries struggle to maintain their yearly revenue, Brazilian retail malls are, on the other hand, still mushrooming into arguably great mediums of international investments coupled with impressive portfolios. The Manaira shopping mall is a company that holds about twenty business units in Brazil’s largest conglomerate of malls. Until now, many clients have attested to the excellent service delivery provided in this mall. Even so, it is critical to understand its genesis and the idea behind its foundation. As illustrated by Roberto Santiago, Manaira was a vision that vastly transformed into reality.


Early Life


Roberto Santiago grew up Brazil. He pursued a course in business from the prestigious Pio X-Marist College. Later on, he advanced his education by joining the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he majored in business administration. Having garnered vast managerial skills from the two institutions, he was now able to utilize his skills in the employment industry. Therefore, was employed at Café Rosa. While there, Santiago built his people skills to an excellent level that earned him a promotion as a team leader. He later quit establishing a sole proprietorship; the cartonnage company supplied cartons manufactured from cardboard to construction companies.


Growing in Business


Santiago was visionary; therefore, he did not stop at the cartonnage company. He pursued multiple challenges that would later expose him to the real estate industry after spending his savings on 75,000 meters piece of land. For two years, Santiago wondered how to utilize that land. After conducting extensive research, he established a viable business idea; constructing a mall. It took him additional two years to design, build and launch Manaira Shopping Mall. Launched in 1989, this mall consists of about 280 stores inclusive of financial institutions, a gaming area, multiple shopping stores within, an education center, a food court, a restaurant, a medical center and a theatre among others.


What is Special about Manaira Shopping Mall?


The Manaira Shopping Mall has been serving the people of Brazil adequately. With the features in it, most families can conveniently shop under one roof since;

It has a modern entertainment room- the rooms are equipped with state of the art equipment like video games and modern televisions.

The mall has a Domus Hall, located at the rooftop. This hall boasts of having sufficient space to host various events including weddings, concerts, graduation ceremonies, meetings, and conferences. Over the years, this hall has experienced tremendous upgrades alongside the installation of air conditioners, high-tech music as well as soundproofed walls.


The Outline of Roberto’s Contribution


Without a doubt, Santiago is a scion of success in many ways; he used his talent to accomplish a dream that has now set an impeccable trend in Brazil’s retail industry.


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